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The Trendle, Possible Roman Rectangular Earthwork Enclosure

Description:  This earthwork above the Giant is known as The Trendle or Frying Pan. It is terraced into the hill-side, with an outer bank and ditch. The inner bank and ditch are more recent additions. The purpose of this enclosure is unknown, but it is said to have been the site of Maypole dancing, and may originally have been of religious significance associated with the Giant.
Although this earthwork does not actually belong to The National Trust ( owner Lord Digby), it is within the fenced area defining the sensitive conservation zone around the Cerne Giant. Its management, therefore, is the responsibility of the National Trust.
Turf covered, and grazed by sheep, this monument is in good condition.

Some scrub growth, particularly on the down-hill side.

Status: Scheduled Monument

Country:  England

County:  Dorset

District:  West Dorset

Parish:  Cerne Abbas

Grid reference:  ST667016

Map reference:  [EPSG:27700] 366730, 101670



  • [ADS] Depositor ID- 110571
  • [ADS] Associated ID- HBSMR Id: MNA138141
  • [ADS] Import RCN- NTSMR-MNA138141

People Involved: 

  • [Publisher] National Trust
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