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Description:  AML Survey Database Reference No.: 765 Survey type: Resistivity: recorded grid Survey type: Resistivity: multiple traverse To test for the existence of possible additional features at the hill figure, and to clarify anomalies revealed by the phase 1 resistivity survey (survey visit 711). Evidence for changes to the outline of the figure over time was obtained; a cloak may once have hung over the left arm, but there is no conclusive evidence for a severed head in the same position, changes have been made to the length of the phallus and there may once have been a navel. There were no indications of horns at the head, nor was it possible to identify the lettering/symbols between the feet. An area in the SW quadrant of the earthwork (the Trendle) on the hill crest above the figure produced survey results with no definite interpretation.

Year Start:  1995

Year End:  1995

Country:  England

County:  DORSET

District:  WEST DORSET


Grid reference:  ST6660001600

Map reference:  [EPSG:27700] 366600, 101600

Period/Subject:  IRON AGE - HILL FIGURE

Intervention type:  GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY  


  • [ADS] Depositor ID- 1066313
  • [ADS] Import RCN- EHNMR-1066313

People Involved: 

  • [Publisher] Historic England

Bibliographic References: 

  • Castleden R The Cerne Giant Project, Phase 2: Surveys undertaken in 1995. VIRTUAL CATALOGUE ENTRY TO SUPPORT NAR MIGRATION.
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