ADS-easy is a system into which you can upload digital files and associated metadata from archaeological fieldwork and research; on submission these files will be delivered to the ADS for inclusion in our archive.

When should you use ADS-easy?

At least for the time being, ADS-easy is best used for small to medium sized archives, by which we mean archives of around 300 files of a common type. The system works best with projects that contain straightforward file types such as text, images, spreadsheets and CAD files. ADS-easy complements the use of the OASIS system so is especially useful for depositing the digital outputs of small fieldwork projects where you are happy with a simple archive interface i.e. you don't want an online GIS interface or something similar.

ADS-easy can also accept audio, databases and geophysics files but we currently exclude the upload of 3D laser scanning and larger files due to the limitations of using the web to upload large files.

If you are uncertain about whether you should use ADS-easy please contact us and we can talk to you about the options.


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