ADS-easy is an online system which allows you to directly upload your data and create the required metadata for submission with ADS. Using ADS-easy allows ADS to automatically ingest data into our Collections Management Systems allowing us to provide a cheaper service.

When should you use ADS-easy?

ADS-easy is best used for small to medium sized archives of a maximum of 300 files of a standard type. ADS-easy can be used for projects that contain straightforward file types such as text, images, spreadsheets, databases, GIS and CAD files. ADS-easy can also accept geophysics files, but we currently exclude the upload of 3D laser scanning, audiovisual, Virtual Reality and photogrammetry data due to the limitations of using the web to upload large files.

If you are uncertain about whether you should use ADS-easy please contact us and we can talk to you about the options. You can read more about ADS-easy here.

ADS-easy has been updated!
The update has involved major revision to further streamline data input for users and to improve the data upload facilities.
ADS welcomes all feedback on the update via

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For more information about ADS-easy, help with using ADS-easy and frequently asked questions click here.