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1. Acknowledgements

We are very grateful to the hundreds of archaeologists who devoted much time and care to answer our lengthy and complex questions, and without whom our work would have been impossible. The Archaeology Data Service was commissioned to undertake this survey by English Heritage and the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England. Additional financial support was received from Cadw, Environment and Heritage Service of the Department of the Environment of Northern Ireland, the Heritage Council (Republic of Ireland), Historic Scotland, the Royal Commissions for Scotland and Wales, and also the Arts and Humanities Data Service. This enabled the survey to be extended to Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

A Steering Group, comprising representatives from each of the funding bodies, to whom the ADS reported, managed the project. These representatives gave valuable time and advice throughout the project:

Patrick Ashmore Historic Scotland
Richard AventCadw
Nick BrannonEnvironment and Heritage Services
Mike EvansRCHME
Terry JamesRCAHMW
Keith MayEnglish Heritage
Charles MountThe Heritage Council
Diana MurrayRCAHMS
Tim Williams English Heritage

John Kelleher of the Tavistock Institute was most helpful throughout the survey. In addition, many others assisted in the development of the questionnaire: Sam Burke (School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester), Gillian Crawley (Doncaster Museum Service), Justin Garner-Lahire (Field Archaeology Specialists, University of York), Sandra Garside-Neville (MAFF), Mark Gillings (School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester), Peter Halls (Computing Service, University of York), Mike Heyworth (Council for British Archaeology), Jeremy Huggett (Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow), Kurt Hunter-Mann (York Archaeological Trust), Andrew Jones (York Archaeological Trust), Siān Jones (Department of Archaeology, University of Manchester), Roger Kipling (School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester), Gary Lock (Institute of Archaeology, Oxford University), Christine Longworth (National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside), Paul Miller (ADS), Cath Mortimer, Dominic Perring (Department of Archaeology, University of York), Mike Rains (York Archaeological Trust), Andrew Roberts (Museum of London), Rebecca Roseff (Herefordshire County Council), Armin Schmidt (Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford), Edmund Southworth (National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside), Hedley Swain (Museum of London), Leigh Symonds (Department of Archaeology, University of York), Martijn Van Leusen (Institute of Archaeology, University of Groningen), Alan Vince (Internet Archaeology), Carolyn Wingfield (Doncaster Museum Service), and Rob Witcher (School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester).

Thanks also to Alasdair Brooks and Krystyna Pytasz for their labours with the data entry.

Finally thanks must be given to Jo Clarke (ADS) and Maureen Poulton (ADS) for everything they have done towards this project.

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