Issue: Internet Archaeology 9

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Title: Internet Archaeology 9
Year of Publication: 2000
Volume: 9
Number of Pages: 0
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Kurt Hunter-Mann
Margaret J Darling
Hilary E M Cool
In 1994, in advance of construction work on new houses, York Archaeological Trust excavated at Welton Road, Brough-on-Humber, east of the Roman walled settlement. The town is usually identified as Petuaria and assumed to be the civitas capital of the Parisi. This interpretation is controversial and it has been argued by some that the settlement should be understood as a military supply base. This report aims to contribute to the resolution of that debate. Excavations revealed a Roman settlement and field-system. Roman structures were identified, both along a road and elsewhere on the site. Other recognisable features included a T-shaped corn-drier, human graves, both cremation and inhumation, and possible ritual animal burials. There was a large finds assemblage, showing evidence for a range of domestic activities, as well as indicating a possible local pottery industry.