Issue: Internet Archaeology 11

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Title: Internet Archaeology 11
Year of Publication: 2002
Volume: 11
Number of Pages: 0
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Judith Winters
The practical and financial reality of electronic publication.
N Ray
J M Adams
Peter H W Bristow
Over 1,700 prehistoric burial sites have been summarised and analysed. They cover a period of c.4,400 years of British prehistory. The article includes a complete database of sites on which the research was based plus a bibliography of over 2,700 references. Both are searchable by the reader.
M J Davis
Allan R Hall
Harry Kenward
John Oxley
An article addressing the fate of urban archaeological deposits preserved in situ as a result of The City of York Council's policy dating from April 1990. Although the concept of preservation in situ has been enshrined in both the IFA Code of Conduct and PPG 16 deposit monitoring presents evidence of changes occurring in these deposits and questions whether this form of preservation is working.
D P Steptoe
W B Wood
Wreck of the ship sent to re-capture the Bounty mutineers, discovered in 1977 off the north coast of Queensland. Bones from three individuals were studied. DNA analysis forthcoming.