Issue: In the shadow of Bennachie

Subtitle a field archaeology of Donside, Aberdeenshire
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Abstract Detailed study of the area, including an overview of the geology, and of the history of archaeology in the region. PP-B
Author Royal Commission on Ancient & Historical Monuments Scotland
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
Publisher Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Year of Publication 2008
Number of Pages: 327
Edition 2nd
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1 - 6
Briefly introduces the region.
Adam T Welfare
7 - 16
Overview of the antiquarian and archaeological history of the area, from the sixteenth century to the mid-1970s.
Angela Gannon
17 - 24
Discusses the factors affecting the survival of archaeology in the region, focussing on the survival of prehistoric monuments.
Richard Tipping
25 - 44
History of the region's environment, looking at the underlying geology, and then providing an overview of the environment from the Devensian lateglacial, through the Holocene, to the present day.
Angela Gannon
Stratford P Halliday
John R Sherriff
Adam T Welfare
45 - 78
Focusses on funerary and ceremonial monuments.
Stratford P Halliday
79 - 114
Discusses the Iron Age landscape, looking at settlements, souterrains, enclosures, and hillforts. Roman camps in the area are also discussed.
Iain Fraser
Stratford P Halliday
115 - 135
Focusses on Pictish symbol stones, and the adoption of Christianity. Place-name evidence is also discussed.
Piers J Dixon
Iain Fraser
137 - 214
Looks at castles, ecclesiastical buildings and remains, and settlement patterns.
Piers J Dixon
Angela Gannon
215 - 244
Discusses changes during the post-medieval and modern periods, focussing in particular on the impact of improved agriculture, industrial remains, and nineteenth-century buildings. The impact of the second world war is also considered.
245 - 251
Overview of the previous chapters, noting the changing amount of evidence for different time-periods, and differing intensities of land use. The current situation with regards to heritage management in Donside is briefly discussed.