Issue: Our changing coast

Subtitle a survey of the intertidal archaeology of Langstone Harbour, Hampshire
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Abstract A multi-disciplinary study of the development of a complex archaeological landscape, from the hunting ground of Mesolithic inhabitants, through funerary and ritual use as the tidal inlet developed during the Bronze Age, to its current status as an internationally important wildlife reserve. Utilising a wide range of survey, excavation, and sampling techniques and strategies both on land and underwater the survey broke new ground in the integrated study of terrestrial, intertidal and marine environments. Includes a
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Author Julie Gardiner
Michael J Allen
Editor Julie Gardiner
Publisher Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 2000
Volume 124
Number of Pages: 287
ISBN 1 902771 14 1
Subjects / Periods
BIAB: Shorelines
BIAB: Fieldwork
BIAB: Intertidal Zones
BIAB: Ritual
Bronze Age
BIAB: Occupation Sites
BIAB: Funerary Practices
BIAB: Marine/Maritime Archaeology
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