Issue: Britons and Romans

Subtitle advancing an archaeological agenda
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Abstract Enjoins those with an interest in this subject to think broadly and to engage actively in shaping the future priorities of research into Roman Britain.The volume brings together leading specialists in the field, who provide up-to-date syntheses of significant new knowledge and suggest what we still need to know on themes as diverse as: the Iron Age/Roman and Roman/Medieval transitions; Romanisation; material culture and identity; rural society; urbanism; zooarchaeology; and soldiers and civilians. Within these themes, the contributors seek to break down the relative insularity of Romano-British studies, to open it up to new external perspectives, and to promote the value of its outstandingly rich archaeological evidence to archaeologists working in other field and on other territories. The book will be of value to field-workers, researchers, artefact and environmental specialists, curators, heritage managers, the voluntary sector, and anyone with an active interest in advancing our understanding of Britain's Roman past.
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Author Martin Millett
Editor Jane Thorniley-Walker
Issue Editor Simon James
Publisher Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 2001
Volume 125
Number of Pages: 118
ISBN 1 902771 16 8
Subjects / Periods
BIAB: Research Design
BIAB: Romanization
BIAB: Cultural Change/Continuity
Iron Age
BIAB: Settlement Sites
BIAB: Gender Studies
BIAB: Bones (Animal)
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Source The British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography (BIAB)
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Barry C Burnham
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Michael Jones
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A Simon Esmonde Cleary
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