Issue: Submarine prehistoric archaeology of the North Sea:

Subtitle research priorities and collaboration with industry
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Abstract Papers from a workshop on North Sea submarine prehistory and relations with industry, held in London in 2003 and attended by archaeologists from five countries bordering the North Sea, along with a summary of the discussion and conclusions. The purpose of the workshop was to analyse the potential for prehistoric archaeology research on the floor of the North Sea, and to plan the best way to cooperate on future research and protection of prehistoric sites on the sea floor. The reports describe a range of submerged sites and artefacts from the late Pleistocene and early Holocene, the age of most known submerged sites being 8000--5000 years old. Topics requiring study are identified, and the contribution which could be made by using the technology developed by modern offshore industries is reviewed, as are possible ways to work with industry in order to maximise the information gained by archaeologists and to ensure that damage is minimised. Includes French and German summaries. Papers include
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Issue Editor N C Flemming
N C Flemming
Publisher Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 2004
Volume 141
Number of Pages: 155
ISBN 1-902771-46-X
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on the specific problems and approaches involved in maritime heritage management
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