Issue: The vernacular workshop:

Subtitle from craft to industry, 1400--1900
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Abstract Papers arising from a conference held at the Department of Continuing Education in Oxford, 2002, in association with the Vernacular Architecture Group and the Association for Industrial Archaeology. The authors aim to evaluate the workshop both as a building type and as a workplace, and take account of the regional scale of the workshop economy as well as the distinct types of building associated with different industries. Papers also explore the implications of the workshop as a method of work organisation, from the point of view both of entrepreneurs and of workers. Includes French and German summaries. Also includes
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Editor P S Barnwell
Issue Editor P S Barnwell
Marilyn Palmer
Malcolm R Airs
Publisher Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 2004
Volume 140
Number of Pages: 217
ISBN 1-902771-45-1
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BIAB: Workshops
BIAB: Vernacular Architecture
BIAB: Industry [Ie Past Practice Of]
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includes four appendices covering excerpts from 1858 Wright's Directory and the 1881 Census relating to the areas of study
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