Issue: Roman Droitwich

Subtitle Dodderhill fort, Bays Meadow villa, and roadside settlement
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Abstract The volume covers three major sites in Roman Droitwich (Salinae). The full extent and character of the Neronian fort on Dodderhill are explained, as well as later occupation of the site from the eleventh century onwards and brief refortification during the English Civil War. The remains of the large and spectacular villa at Bays Meadow are also revealed, following earlier Iron Age use of the site for salt working. The villa complex was built in the second century AD; it comprised two corridor villas, of which the main villa contained hypocaust rooms, mosaics and painted wall plaster. Several small finds indicated a luxurious and highly Romanised life style, possibly with direct imperial connections, indicating that the salt production was being operated under state control. Occupation of the villa, however, was severely disrupted at the end of the third century when the site was fortified and the internal area reorganised, including the construction of an aisled building. The site was abandoned suddenly towards the end of the fourth century. A third site on Hanbury Street provides evidence for settlement alongside an adjacent Roman road, and was notable for producing rich deposits of charred grain. Includes French and German summaries; separately authored contributions include
Editor Derek Hurst
Issue Editor Derek Hurst
Publisher Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 2006
Volume 146
Number of Pages: 288
ISBN 1-902771-55-9
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