Issue: Environmental evidence from the Colonia: General Accident and Rougier Street

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Abstract Both sites studied lay close to the River Ouse, in or near the heart of the presumed Roman colonia. The very large corpus of material was examined using techniques which yielded maximum useful archaeological and biological information for minimum expenditure of resources. At General Accident (24-30 Tanner Row) there was progressive change through 2nd and 3rd centuries from disturbed vegetation traversed by ditches to complete urbanization. Evidence of horse-dung and for use of peat was found along with a rich variety of foodstuffs, grain pests, fleas, lice, internal parasites, rats, and mice. The post-Roman pits were mostly for cess, and the Anglo-Scandinavian deposits had dye plants but no grain pests. Rougier Street deposits were essentially similar but also had a massive deposit of cereal, mainly well-cleaned spelt wheat. Au(abr)
Author Allan R Hall
Harry Kenward
Editor Peter V Addyman
V E Black
Publisher York Archaeological Trust
Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 1990
Volume 1414/6
ISBN 0 906780 90 X
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Note Date Of Issue From: 1990 Editorial Expansion: The Archaeology of York, Vol. 14, fasc. 6
Source British Archaeological Abstracts (BAA)
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