Issue: Medieval and later pottery from Aldwark and other sites

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Abstract Pottery from sites in Aldwark, Shambles, and Parliament Street is representative of 11th-18th century York. Stamford ware, predominant until the 12th century, was replaced by wares from kilns in the York region, with very few imports from the rest of Britain or the Continent, strikingly fewer than in Hull. The replacement of Brandsby wares by Humber ware in the late 14th/early 15th century is analysed, and the problem of residual sherds in urban sites is examined. At 2 Aldwark two successive timber-framed buildings (13th-15th centuries) were replaced by a late 15th century building. Large hearths suggest industrial use. F B
Author Catherine M Brooks
Editor Peter V Addyman
V E Black
Publisher York Archaeological Trust
Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 1987
Volume 1616/3
ISBN 0 906780 66 7
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Note Date Of Issue From: 1987 Editorial Expansion: The Archaeology of York Vol 16 fasc 3
Source British Archaeological Abstracts (BAA)
URL: 0 900312 70 X
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230 - 232