Issue: Roman pottery from the Colonia, 2: General Accident and Rougier Street, with a report on amphorae from York

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Abstract Catalogue and discussion of the wares from two sites yielding material from mid-2nd through to 4th century in date. The 705 vessels contribute significantly to the type series for the York colonia and are analysed statistically by fabric and period. The decline of local Eboracum wares in 2nd century in relation to black-burnished and other wares is traced. A separate report deals with amphorae from the York colonia, fortress, and extra-mural area: a wide range of these goods came in, with Spanish olive oil and French wine being particularly important.
Author J R Perrin
D F Williams
Editor Peter V Addyman
V E Black
Publisher York Archaeological Trust
Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 1990
Volume 1616/4
ISBN 0 906780 88 8
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Note Date Of Issue From: 1990 Editorial Expansion: The Archaeology of York Vol. 16 fasc. 4
Source British Archaeological Abstracts (BAA)
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