Issue: Anglo-Scandinavian pottery from 16-22 Coppergate

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Abstract The pottery is from mostly well-stratified layers in post-Roman to 11th century deposits; it is introduced by an archaeological description of the site (by R A Hall) and information on the methodology, together with a discussion of the problems of residuality on this site. Distribution plots show the spatial patterning of certain wares and forms. There is no evidence of occupation in Anglian times, but a small number of sherds are of types usually assigned to the pre-Viking period. Wheel-thrown, probably locally made York wares dominate the assemblage from the earliest Anglo-Scandinavian levels, but are replaced in mid-lOth by Torksey-type wares. A century later Stamford and other regional imports are dominant. A few Continental imports and new groups of 10th and 11th century wares of unknown source are also noted. The assemblage provides information on the status and function of the four tenements involved, as well as valuable dating information.
Author Ailsa J Mainman
Editor Peter V Addyman
Publisher York Archaeological Trust
Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 1990
Volume 1616/5
ISBN 0 906780 89 6
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Note Date Of Issue From: 1990 Editorial Expansion: The Archaeology of York Vol. 16 fasc 5
Source British Archaeological Abstracts (BAA)
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377 - 384