Issue: Textiles, cordage and raw fibre from 16-22 Coppergate

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Abstract Study of 211 examples of raw fibre and cordage, and textiles of wool, silk, and linen, 162 from Anglo-Scandinavian levels, forty-seven from medieval, and two unstratified. The fibres, implements, and dye plants suggest that wool and linen cloth were being produced on the site. The Anglo-Scandinavian finds include a sock in nålebinding technique and other items showing Scandinavian influence, though most items have more in common with materials from Anglo-Saxon England and the Continent (eg a twill dyed with lichen purple - Frisian?). Silk was used for head-dresses, braids and ribbons, and a pouch-reliquary. The med textiles show differences from the earlier material, reflecting developments in the textile industry from 9th-15th centuries. Au (abr)
Author Penelope Walton-Rogers
Editor Peter V Addyman
Publisher York Archaeological Trust
Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 1989
Volume 1717/5
ISBN 0 906780 79 9
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Note Date Of Issue From: 1989 Editorial Expansion: The Archaeology of York Vol. 17 fasc. 5
Source British Archaeological Abstracts (BAA)
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