Issue: Pottery from 46-54 Fishergate

Publication Type
Author Ailsa J Mainman
Editor Peter V Addyman
Valerie Kinsler
Publisher York Archaeological Trust
Council for British Archaeology
Year of Publication 1993
Volume 16
ISBN 1 872414 31 1
Note Editorial Expansion: The Archaeology of York vol. 16 fasc. 6
Source biab_online
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541 - 666
This report comprises an important discussion of the Anglian pottery discovered in Fishergate, which included local, regional and imported wares. The high proportion of foreign wares suggests that the site might have had a special role in international trade. The pottery evidence does not support the idea of continuity of occupation beyond the mid 9th century. This hiatus is followed by deposits containing late Anglo-Scandinavian wares.
543 - 556