Issue: Royal Dunfermline

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Abstract In 2003 a major conference was held in Dunfermline, under the auspices of both the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Historic Scotland, to celebrate the Union of the Crowns four hundred years earlier.
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Author Richard Fawcett
Publisher Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Year of Publication 2005
Number of Pages: 256
ISBN 0903903342
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1 - 26
Overview of the history of the settlement, discussing the development of the town plan, and providing examples of the type of artefacts which might have been used by the inhabitants in their daily lives.
27 - 63
Describes the development of the building from the initial foundation of the eleventh century to conservation work carried out in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
65 - 78
Describes the sculpture and places it within its European context.
79 - 88
Discusses the archaeological evidence for the original position of the shrine, and for the development of the cult of St Margaret during the Middle Ages.
89 - 100
Discusses the evidence for the original layout of the monastic complex.
101 - 138
Discusses the history and architecture of the various palaces on the site.
155 - 176
Discusses the history of the tomb and describes the results of its early-nineteenth century excavation.
209 - 212
Brief description of the history and architecture of the church. PP-B