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This section comprises editable versions of the Agenda tables that were compiled as part of the 2012 Updated Research Agenda and Strategy. Provision is made for contributions by researchers to the following two elements of the Research Agenda:

We are keen to receive information on recent work that has contributed to understanding of the Themes and Topics defined in the Research Agenda. This may be added by clicking 'Add Comment' in the top toolbar of each period Agenda table. This will generate a comments box with a drop-down menu that users should use to select which Agenda Topics the project has addressed. Brief details of how the project has addressed the regional Research Agenda may be provided in a free-text comments box.

We would welcome feedback on additional subjects for investigation that might be added to each of the key overarching themes and upon multi-period projects addressing these themes. This can be provided by clicking on 'Add Comment' in the top toolbar of the Overarching Agenda Themes section. This will generate a comments box with space for general comments. Users should use the drop-down menu to select which of the key themes they would like to comment on.

Collating the Comments

Comments on period Agendas and overarching research themes will be preserved at the end of each chapter and will be grouped thematically by the site moderators David Knight and Blaise Vyner to facilitate interrogation of the resource.

This page (revision-71) was last changed on 21-Jun-2017 15:23 by Tina Roushannafas