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Cooperation statement between the Archaeology Data Service and the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers

April 1999

ALGAO looks to the ADS for promoting access to digital information by:

  • promoting and coordinating distributed digital archives.
  • developing and distributing basic catalogues of digital information by site type, period, etc.
  • acting as an independent assessor of digital data user needs.

ALGAO looks to the ADS for promoting data standards to the wider archaeological profession by:

  • recommending in the ''Guide to Good Practice'' series good documentation and formatting practices for digital preservation.
  • increasing awareness in the archaeological community of the documentation required by local government officers in order to manage Sites and Monuments Records.
  • developing protocols for digital archiving and cataloguing.
  • promoting awareness and use of standards such as SMR97 and the RCHME / English Heritage Thesaurus of Monument Types among archaeologists in Britain.

ADS looks to ALGAO for:

  • expertise in sites and monuments information management and the information technology needs of local government officers.
  • expertise in documentation and terminology standards.
  • promoting awareness of, and uses for, metadata as a cataloguing tool for signposting distributed data.
  • liaison with the local government community.

Subject to the resources available on each side, ADS and ALGAO have identified areas of cooperation to be:

  • promoting awareness and use of standards.
  • promoting good digital archiving practices.
  • promoting research into the future of SMRs, through projects such as the SMR Research Scholarship.
  • promoting on-line access to Sites and Monuments Records.
  • investigating standards for digital data capture by archaeological contractors and promoting the deposition of digital data with a recognised archive.