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Appropriate Levels of Detail in 3-D Visualisation: Pompeii

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The ADS, supported by funding from the Archives and Records Association, has begun a new project to refresh the ADS Guidelines for Depositors. This will produce a new user friendly interface, systematically link the guidelines to the updated Guides to Good Practice and involve the creation of interactive training exercises and video tutorials. Have your say in the redesign process by completing the user needs survey. By taking part you can also WIN one of five trowel shaped USB memory sticks or £70 of Amazon vouchers.
The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) hosted an exhibition in the Members' Dining Room in the House of Commons on Tuesday (15th July) to which the ADS were very pleased to be invited to participate ....more.
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In an age when your research profile depends upon citations and bibliometric statistics it is becoming increasingly important that we can uniquely recognise an individual. In computing circles there has long been talk of the need for an authoritative list of people, and archaeologists have wondered if we could create a controlled list of all archaeologists, in the same way that we have a Thesaurus of Monument Types. Now at last there is a solution at hand in the form of a new initiative which goes under the name ORCID ....more.
ADS were very pleased to recently release our first archive which was deposited with us via ADS-easy. Oxford Archaeology (South) deposited a small archive of the digital outputs of a trial trench evaluation on the site of The Former NXP Works in Southampton ....more.
With the HERALD questionnaire being sent out to all sections of the community this week the OASIS team here at the ADS thought it would be timely to give you all a potted history of the OASIS system and try and dispel some popular myths ....more.
The Day of Archaeology took place on Friday 11th July. The Day of Archaeology project aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world. Check out what some of the ADS staff got up to ....more.
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