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Issue 7: March 2015

Extensive Urban Survey Nottinghamshire

Coventry HLC

Hanley Hall, Worcestershire

Shepherd's Farm Evaluation

Winham Farm, Cullumpton

Memoir of Martyn Jope (Bibliography)

Peterborough HLC

The Prehistoric Stones of Greece

Abbey Bridge and Viaduct, Evesham

Tempwood, Defford Road Evaluation

Shotton Triangle Site, Northumberland

Land at 52 Bretforton Rd, Badsey, Worcestershire

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A New Record of Pre-Columbian Engravings in Urubici using Polynomial Texture Mapping

Digital Media, Power and (In)Equality in Archaeology and Heritage

Understanding Archaeological Authority in a Digital Context

Insular artefacts from Viking-Age burials from mid-Norway

Reconstructing Rebellion

UAV Aerial Survey - Blackquarries Hill Long Barrow (Data Paper)

Review: Dactyl (app)

Review: Never Alone (game)

Guidelines for Authors

Data Papers

It is with great regret that at the end of February 2015 we said goodbye to Catherine Hardman, ADS Deputy Director and Collections Development Manager after 13 years with ADS. Catherine is succeeded in her Collections Development Manager role by Louisa Matthews. At ADS Louisa will be responsible for managing our expert team of digital archivists, and developing our collections. Louisa will therefore be the main point of contact for depositors wishing to deposit with the ADS....read more here.
ADS 3D Viewer
ADS 3D Viewer is a two year project funded under the Marie Curie Actions Seventh Framework Programme, and benefits from the collaboration with the Italian Visual Computing Lab in the framework of the ARIADNE European Project. The aim of the ADS 3D Viewer project is to develop an interactive 3D web based working environment for the management and analysis of archaeological data within the ADS website infrastructure, for all kinds of users, including those who are unfamiliar with these technologies.The 3D viewer not only offers users the possibility to interact with and analyse the 3D model in the 3D window embedded in the web-page of the project, but also in full-screen mode using a trackball and different features....read more here.
ADS 3D viewer
The ADS is excited to announce that we now have over 30,000 reports in our Grey Literature Library. A notable contribution to this number has been the addition of around 1,500 backlog reports that have been digitised and deposited with us from the North Yorkshire HER with more to come. Explore the Grey Literature Library now!
Since April 2012 ADS have been involved in the Roman Rural Settlement of Britain project undertaken by Mike Fulford and a small team at the University of Reading in collaboration with Cotswold Archaeology. The primary aim of the project is to research both unpublished and published sources from excavations to write a new account of the rural settlement of Roman Britain. ADS's involvement has included the creation a bespoke interface for the research dataset ....read more here.
Roman Rural Settlement Project Map
The DADAISM project brings together researchers from the diverse fields of archaeology, human computer interaction, image processing, image search and retrieval, and text mining to create a rich interactive system to address the problems of researchers finding images relevant to their research....read more.
Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) is a fairly new technique employed by archaeologists and it has furthered research at a well-known Brazilian rock art site, Avencal 1, revealing details not previously detected. An article outlining the work has just been published in Internet Archaeology and it contains an interactive viewer which enables readers to explore the rock art panels for themselves, including altering lighting conditions....read more here.
The ADS is currently a partner in three major European projects, and all are well on their way. We have passed the midpoints for the three-year LoCloud project and the four-year ARIADNE project. We are also now in year two of our five-year NEARCH project. It's been a lot of hard work for us and for our wonderful partners, but we are starting to see results....read more here.

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