Cooperation Statement between the Archaeology Data Service and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (Comisiwn Brenhinol Henebion Cymru)

September 1998

RCAHMW views ADS as a partner in developing a national policy for digital archiving in Wales, and in facilitating access to archaeological information in Wales and throughout the UK. ADS recognises RCAHMW's lead role in setting standards and its sponsorship of SMRs in Wales.

RCAHMW looks to ADS for:

  • Development of ''Guides to Good Practice'' in digital archiving.
  • Providing research and development for archaeology in three main areas:
    1. Provision of metadata, including the documentation of digital data sets to enable re-use.
    2. Specification of digital media and optimum storage conditions for the long term preservation of digital data.
    3. Exploration of funding mechanisms for deposit of and/or access to digital data and exploration of copyright issues.
  • Providing online access to distributed archaeological datasets via the online ADS catalogue.

ADS looks to RCAHMW for:

  • implementation of a national policy for records and archives of sites and monuments in Wales which includes networking to other data providers via END.
  • promulgation of data standards in Wales.
  • cataloguing and curation of physical archives and facilitating the means of curating digital archives relating to Welsh archaeology.
  • making data available to the public, along with expert advice to facilitate its use.
  • liaison with government policy makers in Wales.

Subject to the resources available on each side, RCAHMW and ADS have identified areas of cooperation to be:

  • analysis of the demand for digital data.
  • specification of digital media and optimum storage conditions for the long-term preservation of digital data.
  • development of costed models of digital archiving and data migration.
  • specification of technical, organisational and resource requirements for bodies curating digital archives.
  • identification of potential sources of funding and resources for long-term digital archiving initiatives.
  • identification of metadata standards and mechanisms for the dissemination of digital archives and information about them.
  • analysis of copyright, charging and pricing issues.
  • development of standard agreements for access to and use of digital data.
  • identification of data standards.
  • exchange of communications about relevant international initiatives in which each organisation is involved.
  • research and development on multilingual thesauri.