OASIS : Online access to the index of archaeological investigations
oasisLogo The aim of the OASIS project is to provide an online index to the mass of archaeological grey literature that has been produced as a result of the advent of large-scale developer funded fieldwork and a similar increase in fieldwork undertaken by volunteers. As part of this overall vision, the OASIS data capture form has been designed to help in the flow of information from data producers, such as contracting units and community groups, through to local and national data managers, such as SMRs and NMRs.

MEDIN Logo MEDIN is a partnership of UK organisations committed to improving access to marine data. The Marine Environmental Data and Information Network (MEDIN) promotes sharing of, and improved access to, these data. It is an open partnership and its partners represent government departments, research institutions and private companies. ADS suplies all our marine related records to MEDIN.

Heritage Gateway
The Heritage Gateway allows you to cross-search over 50 resources, including: Over 50% of local English Historic Environment Records (HERs); The National Heritage List for England (including listed buildings); 8 other national resources, including Images of England. ADS's partnership with Heritage Gateway alows Heritage Gateway records to be found in ADS's Archsearch facility.

Transatlantic Archaeology Gateway TAG
The primary aim of the TAG project is to develop tools for transatlantic cross-searching between the UK’s Archaeology Data Service (ADS) digital archive and tDAR based at Arizona State University in the USA. This portal provides a sustainable resource discovery service for archaeological teaching, learning and research across two continents.

Archaeological Records of Europe - Networked Access, Phase 2 ARENA2
ARENA Logo The ARENA2 search portal allows users to search for sites and monument index data from the ARENA network partners. This is a significant technical advance for searching databases on a European scale. You will find that you can search indexes by period, theme or place. Use a map interface to select the area that you want to search or use the when and what facilities to make searches that cover more than one ARENA partner.

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