Plant macro fossils from COT95

by Allan Hall

The ‘washovers' from bulk-sieved samples taken from COT95 were examined for their content of plant remains. For the most part the material consisted of modern rootlets and weed seeds (notably a very large assemblage of uncharred black bindweed fruits from 4204, no doubt representing a cache amassed by rodents) with small amounts of charcoal (mostly unidentifiable) and charred cereals (mostly in a poor state of preservation and not usually identifiable further than genus). No cereal chaff was observed. Land snails were present in modest numbers in several of the samples. The results are available in detail in the site archive. No further comment is warranted other than to remark that the assemblages of ?ancient charred remains are very small and quite probably include reworked material. The numbers are too small for comparisons between contexts.