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The Viking Dig: excavations in progress in Coppergate

Right: The Viking Dig: excavations in progress in Coppergate

The York Archaeological Trust was set up in 1972 to respond to the widespread threats to York's buried past posed by accelerated development. The Trust as been busy ever since, building upon a long tradition of exploration and preservation in the city.

Anaerobic waterlogged deposits in some parts of York have preserved a wide range of organic objects which would not normally survive. Artefacts of cloth, wood and leather in remarkable states of preservations have been recovered from a number of sites. As a result the York Archaeological Trust has built up a collection of artefacts of particular importance.

The magnificent 8th century helmet found at Coppergate

Left: The magnificent 8th century helmet found at Coppergate

Probably the most spectacular and famous consequence of these investigations has been the unearthing of well preserved structural remains and paleoecological material dating from the Anglo-Scandinavian (Viking) period of the York's history. This has enabled a detailed reconstruction of the city at that time - a reconstruction which can be experienced at the Jorvik Viking Centre.

The York Archive Gazeteer contains records of nearly 1,000 excavations and watching briefs undertaken by the York Archaeological Trust since 1972. The gazeteer gives a brief description of the archaeology found at the sites and the type and period of the major archaeological features encountered.

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