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Your search: Amphorae found in Italy
120 Amphora type(s) found.

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i Africana 1 Piccolo
i Africana 2B Grande
i Africana 3A
i Africana 3B
i Africana 3C
i Agora F65-66
i Agora G199
i Agora M254
i Agora M334
i Almagro 51A & B
i Almagro 51C
i Ancient Tripolitanian Amphora
i Aquincum 78
i Beltrán 2A
i Beltrán 2B
i Beltrán 72
i Bónis 31/5
i Campanian almond-rim type
i Camulodunum 139
i Carrot amphora
i Carthage Early Roman 4
i Castrum Perti
i Con Orlo a Fascia
i Crypta Balbi 1
i Crypta Balbi 2
i Crétoise 1
i Crétoise 2
i Crétoise 3
i Dressel 1
i Dressel 10
i Dressel 11
i Dressel 12
i Dressel 14
i Dressel 2-4 Catalan
i Dressel 2-4 Cos
i Dressel 2-4 Egyptian
i Dressel 2-4 Flat-based
i Dressel 20
i Dressel 21-22
i Dressel 23
i Dressel 25
i Dressel 28
i Dressel 30 - Keay 1A
i Dressel 30 - Keay 1B
i Dressel 30 - Tunisian Variants
i Dressel 35
i Dressel 43
i Dressel 5
i Dressel 6A
i Dressel 6B
i Dressel 7
i Dressel 8
i Dressel 9
i Dressel ante 6B
i Egloff 172
i Empoli
i Forlimpopoli
i Gauloise 1
i Gauloise 4
i Gauloise 5
i Greco-Italic
i Haltern 70
i Hammamet 1
i Hammamet 3
i Kapitän 1
i Kapitän 2
i Keay 27
i Keay 34
i Keay 35A
i Keay 35B
i Keay 36
i Keay 39
i Keay 40
i Keay 41
i Keay 52
i Keay 55
i Keay 56
i Keay 57
i Keay 59
i Keay 61 A, B & D
i Keay 61C
i Keay 62A, D & E
i Keay 62Q & R
i Keay 8A
i Keay 8B
i Late Roman Amphora 1
i Late Roman Amphora 5
i Late Roman Amphora 7
i Leptiminus 1
i Leptiminus 2
i Mau 35
i Melos
i Mid Roman Amphora 5
i Oberaden 83
i Ostia 23
i Ostia 59
i Pascual 1
i Peacock & Williams 66
i Pompeii 13
i Pompeii 38
i Pompeii 5
i Porto Recanati
i Pseudo-Koan
i Rhodian Type
i Richborough 527
i Samos Cistern Type
i Schörgendorfer 558
i Spatheion 1
i Spatheion 2
i Spatheion 3
i Spello
i Station 48 Ostia
i Tripolitanian 1
i Tripolitanian 2
i Tripolitanian 3
i Uzita 52, 10
i Van der Werff 1
i Van der Werff 2
i Van der Werff 3
i Vindonissa 592

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