Issue No.3		 18th January 1998		ISSN1365-3881

Hello again! Welcome to the third issue of assemblage, the Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology.




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In this issue, we bring you Greg Fewer's (Waterford) research on 'Women and Personal Possessions: 17th-century Testamentary Evidence from Counties Waterford and Kilkenny, Ireland' and Graham Robbins (Sheffield University) on 'Crop Landscapes and Domestic Space' in the later prehistoric and Roman landscape of South Yorkshire.


In our features section, Adrian Chadwick (Sheffield) addresses 'Archaeology at the Edge of Chaos: Further Towards Reflexive Excavation Methodologies' whilst Daniel Millette (British Columbia) explores 'Textual Imaginations: Vitruvius in Archaeological [Re]constructions'.


assemblage is proud to present two topical forum pieces: Fred McGhee (Texas) looks 'Towards a Postcolonial Nautical Archaeology' and Mark Dinnin, Nicki Whitehouse and Richard Lindsay (Sussex, Sheffield and East London) assemble the case in defence of 'A Wetland Battleground: Palaeoecology, Archaeology and Nature Conservation in the Humberhead SSSI Peatlands'.


This edition, we raid the bookshelves of Paul Buckland (Sheffield), Tim Ingold (London) and Pat Wagner (Sheffield), to find out which Five Books they couldn't live without. We then subject Alex Woolf (Edinburgh) and Dawn Hadley (Sheffield) to our '20 Questions'.


In a new section, we ask for reflections on both the message we convey and the media we use in archaeology. Geoffrey Wainwright (of English Heritage) considers the state of 'Archaeology Today' whilst our former editor, Kathryn Denning (Sheffield), ruminates on the Internet in 'I link? or Ink? therefore I am'. In a new regular section, we bring you the distilled computer wisdom of Sheffield's Graham McElearney, in 'Graham's Guide to Software for Archaeologists'.


Fresh from the field, we bring you the latest crop of news from Paul Miller (of the Archaeology Data Service, York) on data archiving in 'Onward to the Brave New World? Preserving a Past for the Future' and Peter Hinton (of the IFA) gives us a brief introduction to 'The Role of the Institute of Field Archaeologists'. In 'A Pilgrim's Progress', Christian Turner (of York) reports on his pilgrimage to Santiago with Joel Burden in aid of Shelter. We also bring you the archaeological and virtual 'Site of the Month' -- this edition, Peter Tomkins (Sheffield) shows us around a site in Turkey, Melissa Thomas (Sheffield) reports from Greece and we introduce Amy Begiers's (LeMoyne) virtual museum, 'Material Culture as Evidenced by Gargoyles'.


As usual, we bring you news and reviews of the latest publications and media coverage; check us out for Books, Conferences, Museums, Radio and Television programmes!


Too funny for words! So instead, we bring you Internet 'Animal, Vegetable, Mineral', a 'Caption Competition', 'Centrefolds' and, of course, the essential 'Pub Guide'. We have valuable fashion tips in 'Men In Hats' and jokes, quotes and wordsearches to keep you chortling over the long winter nights...


Finally, enough from us! What do you think? We present you with some of the messages you have sent over our first year on the Net. Write to us now!


As ever, our assemblage-info team keep you up-to-date on news, conferences, on-line bibliographies, funding opportunities and the world in general!

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