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Roman Alcester:Southern Extramural Area. 1964-1966 Excavations. Part 2:Finds and discussion.

Edited by Stephen Cracknell and Christine Mahany

CBA Research Report No 97 (1994)

ISBN 1 872414 42 7


Title page of report 97

Finds and discussion reports on the finds recovered and brings together all the information from the excavations to interpret the economy of the site and its context. Of particular note are the extensively illustrated pottery corpus and a pit group containing 69 samian vessels, amphorae and glass. The non-ceramic finds include five Dobunnic and 458 Roman coins, iron working tools, crucibles, Mediterranean furniture beetles, leather shoes, intaglios, and a Constantinial milestone.


  • Title Pages (pp i-iv)
  • Contents (p v-vi)
  • List of illustrations (pp vii-viii)
  • List of tables (p ix)
  • List of plates (p x)
  • List of microfiche (p xi)
  • Summary (pp xii-xiv)
  • Acknowledgements (pp xv)
  • Introduction to Part 2, (pp 1-2)
  • Romano-British coarse pottery by Frances Lee, and Gerda Lindquist, with Jeremy Evans (pp 3-92)
    • Introduction (pp 3)
    • Classification of Romano-British coarse pottery (pp 3)
    • Classification of local wares (pp 3-6)
    • Classification of non-local and imported wares (pp 6-8)
    • Typology: vessel form and function (pp 8-10)
    • Discussion (pp 10-12)
    • Corpus (pp 12-92)
  • Samian ware by BR Hartley, Hedley Pengelly, and Brenda Dickinson (pp 93-119)
  • Roman amphorae by DF Williams (pp 120-123)
    • Dressel 20 titulus pictus by Pedro Funari and DF Williams (pp 120-123)
  • Vessels with incised graffiti by Jeremy Evans, Frances Lee, and Gerda Lindquist (pp 124-130)
  • Roman pottery: notes (pp 131)
    • Stamped grey ware base by Val Rigby (pp 131)
    • Petrography of selected samples of Severn Valley ware (pp 131)
  • Mortaria by Paul Booth, incorporating notes on the stamps by KF Hartley (pp 132-143)
  • Discussion of the pottery in the context of Roman Alcester by Jeremy Evans (pp 144-149)
  • Pottery and ceramic small finds by Rowan Ferguson, with Don Bailey and Jeremy Evans (pp 150-152)
  • Iron Age sherds from site M by Jeremy Evans (pp 153)
  • Medieval pottery by Stephanie Ratkai (pp 154-156)
  • Metal artefacts (pp 157-210)
    • Coins by Richard Brickstock and PJ Casey (pp 157-162)
    • Copper alloy and iron brooches by DF Mackreth (pp 162-176)
    • Copper alloy objects excluding brooches by G Lloyd-Morgan (pp 177-194)
    • Iron objects by Quita Mould (pp 195-205)
    • Iron slag by Gerry McDonnell (pp 206)
    • Crucible fragmnts by Justine Bayley (pp 206)
    • Lead objects by Quita Mould (pp 206-210)
  • Bone and bone products (pp 211-216)
    • Animal bone (pp 211)
    • Worked bone by G Lloyd-Morgan (pp 211-215)
    • Human skeletal remains by CB Denston (pp 215-216)
  • Ecology (pp 217-220)
    • Botanical remains by AJ Gouldwell (pp 217)
    • Insect remains from Pit F and their environmental implications by PJ Osborne (pp 217-220)
  • Building materials (pp 221-222)
    • Daub by Rowan Ferguson (pp 221)
    • Decorated wall plaster by Joan Liverside and Stephen Cracknell (pp 221-222)
    • Tile by Rowan Ferguson (pp 222)
    • Tesserae by Jeremy Evans (pp 222)
    • Wood by V Snetterton-Lewis (pp 222)
  • Other finds (pp 223-248)
    • Coal by AHV Smith (pp 223)
    • Intaglios by Martin Henig (pp 223)
    • Glass by Jennifer Price and Sally Cottam (pp 224-229)
    • Leather by JH Thornton (pp 229)
    • Jet and shale by Jeremy Evans (pp 229-231)
    • Worked stone and quernstones by Jeremy Evans with contributionsby John Crossling (pp 231-248)
  • Discussion by Stephen Cracknell (pp 249-259)
  • Bibliography (pp 260-270)
  • Index by Lesley Adkins (pp 271-286)
  • Microfiche

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Roman Alcester:Southern Extramural Area. 1964-1966 Excavations. Part 2:Finds and discussion. (CBA Research Report 97) PDF 10 Mb
Roman Alcester:Southern Extramural Area. 1964-1966 Excavations. Part 2:Finds and discussion. (microfiche) PDF 19 Mb

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