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Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society (2015) Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society Transactions [data-set]. York: Archaeology Data Service [distributor]

Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society (1964) Series: 2, Volume 64.

Table of Contents

Anon. (pp. i-iv)
PDF 962 Kb
Anon. (pp. v-vii)
PDF 1 Mb
Rules of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society
Anon. (pp. viii-ix)
PDF 1 Mb
Some cairns in High Furness.
C. I. Fell (pp. 1-5)
PDF 1 Mb
Excavation of a Romano-British farmstead at Eller Beck.
R. A. C. Lowndes (pp. 6-13)
PDF 2 Mb
Excavations at Tullie House, Carlisle 1954-56.
Robert Hogg, with contributions by J. P. Gillam, Michael G. Jarrett and B. J. N. Edwards (pp. 14-62)
PDF 16 Mb
Recent work at Kirkby Thore.
Dorothy Charlesworth (pp. 63-75)
PDF 5 Mb
A section of the Roman road south of Low Borrow Bridge.
E. M. L. Macadam (pp. 76-80)
PDF 2 Mb
The Orton Scar find and Thomas Reveley of Kendal.
Eric Birley (pp. 81-89)
PDF 4 Mb
An Anglo-Saxon pin from Birdoswald.
Rosemary Cramp (pp. 90-93)
PDF 2 Mb
Allen Knott earthwork.
R. A. C. Lowndes (pp. 94-97)
PDF 1 Mb
The Sons of Haldan, Lord of Catterlen.
W. Percy Hedley (pp. 98-109)
PDF 3 Mb
The early Washingtons of Washington.
W. Percy Hedley and George Washington (pp. 110-123)
PDF 4 Mb
King Henry II's mistress Annabel de Greystoke.
George Washington (pp. 124-129)
PDF 1 Mb
Four Cumberland widows in the 14th century.
Constance M. Fraser (pp. 130-137)
PDF 2 Mb
The Broad Oak deeds.
G. P. Jones (pp. 138-149)
PDF 3 Mb
The Philipsons of Calgarth.
T. G. Fahy (pp. 150-213)
PDF 16 Mb
Some Birkbeck documents, part II.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 214-218)
PDF 1 Mb
The Lieutenancy in Cumberland and Westmorland 1660-1760.
Rupert C. Jarvis (pp. 219-239)
PDF 5 Mb
The Militia in Westmorland in 1715.
Rupert C. Jarvis (pp. 240-255)
PDF 4 Mb
Some portraits at Dovenby Hall.
A. R. Jabez-Smith (pp. 256-263)
PDF 5 Mb
The Fleming family, the first and third baronets of Rydal.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 264-305)
PDF 12 Mb
The founding of Maryport.
Edward Hughes (pp. 306-318)
PDF 2 Mb
Two Jacobite prisoners in Carlisle in 1746.
W. A. J. Prevost (pp. 319-335)
PDF 4 Mb
Myles Cooper, President of King's College, New York.
Timothy Cockerill (pp. 336-348)
PDF 4 Mb
The Coopers of Beckfoot, Ulpha.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 349-355)
PDF 2 Mb
The Stockdale family, the Wilkinson brothers and the cotton mills at Cark-in-Cartmel.
W. H. Chaloner (pp. 356-372)
PDF 5 Mb
Various. (pp. 373-395)
PDF 6 Mb
Cairn on Birker Moor, rescue dig.
J. Cherry and W. Fletcher (pp. 373)
PDF 6 Mb
Polished stone axe.
Robert Hogg (pp. 373-374)
PDF 6 Mb
A medieval bronze cauldron.
Robert Hogg (pp. 374-375)
PDF 6 Mb
The Sun Inn, Kirkby Lonsdale.
R. A. C. Lowndes (pp. 375-376)
PDF 6 Mb
Flint axe from Whitbarrow.
R. G. Plint (pp. 376)
PDF 6 Mb
Flint scraper from Great Langdale.
R. G. Plint (pp. 376-377)
PDF 6 Mb
Cumberland and Westmorland documents.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 377-380)
PDF 6 Mb
Agnes wife of Anselm de Furness.
W. P. Hedley (pp. 380-382)
PDF 6 Mb
Stephen Wilson, chantry priest and master of Kendal School.
T. G. Fahy (pp. 382)
PDF 6 Mb
Thomas Crosfield's diary.
T. G. Fahy (pp. 382-385)
PDF 6 Mb
An Ambleside Chancery suit.
Mary E. Burkett (pp. 385-386)
PDF 6 Mb
An Appleby bell.
B. L. Thompson (pp. 386)
PDF 6 Mb
Dudley of Yanwath.
C. Roy Hudleston. (pp. 386-387)
PDF 6 Mb
The will of Anthony Machell.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 387-388)
PDF 6 Mb
A Whitehaven meeting.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 388)
PDF 6 Mb
Joseph Pennington.
J. R. E. Borron (pp. 388-389)
PDF 6 Mb
Beaver Hall, near Carlisle.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 389)
PDF 6 Mb
Paternoster Row, Carlisle.
C. Roy Hudleston (pp. 390-391)
PDF 6 Mb
Former clock- and watch-makers of North Lonsdale.
J. L Hobbs (pp. 391-392)
PDF 6 Mb
Letter from Thomas Wilkinson of Yanwath (a Quaker) to Mary Leadbeater, "Yanwath 2 of II Mo. 1806".
W. Douglas Simpson (pp. 392-393)
PDF 6 Mb
Cumbrian settlers in a Canadian town.
John Thompson (pp. 393-395)
PDF 6 Mb
Lowther Village and Robert Adam.
R. W. Brunskill (pp. 395)
PDF 6 Mb
New Bank Yard, Kendal.
C. J. B. Pollitt (pp. 395)
PDF 6 Mb
Anon. (pp. 396-411)
PDF 4 Mb
Recent Publications
Anon. (pp. 412-417)
PDF 2 Mb
In Memoriam: Dr Robert Corsane Mabon Reid; Mr Edward John Westgarth Hilyard, M.A.; Anne Bromley-Boorne; Miss Joan Howard; Mr William Towers; Mr Kenneth Richardson Pumphrey.
Anon. (pp. 418-421)
PDF 1 Mb
List of Members
Anon. (pp. 422-441)
PDF 4 Mb
Notice to Contributors
Anon. (pp. 442-443)
PDF 922 Kb
Statement of Accounts
Anon. (pp. 444-446)
PDF 6 Mb
General Index
Anon. (pp. 447-468)
PDF 6 Mb
List of publications
Anon. (pp. 469)
PDF 1 Mb