England's Rock Art

Durham County Council, Historic England, Northumberland County Council, Ilkley Archaeology Group, Newcastle University, 2021.

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England's Rock Art

“An array of mysterious symbols carved into the rock surfaces …”

This archive is the preserved digital products of the England’s Rock Art (ERA) project. Originally conceived as a single database application, with a front-facing website, the ERA dataset was originally created as part of the Northumberland and Durham Rock Art Pilot (NADRAP) Project which was managed by Northumberland and Durham County Councils and funded by English Heritage (Historic England). The database has also incorporated the Newcastle University Beckensall Archive of Northumberland Rock Art, and latterly records created by investigations of Rock Art on Rombalds Moor (CSIRM), West Yorkshire.

A full description, and timeline, of the development of the ERA dataset is provided on the archive Overview page.

Originally launched in August 2008, by January 2021 the original ERA website had reached a point where it could no longer be maintained in its original form. The data contained in the ERA database, and key materials such as learning materials and galleries have been archived by the ADS, and made available here.

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