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Addyman Archaeology is a commercial archaeological contractor providing a range of services and advice on archaeological and heritage issues arising from development. Founded as Addyman and Kay in 1996, the company has worked with many private clients, public bodies, voluntary groups, preservation trusts and architectural practices in the United Kingdom and beyond, often working in close association with our sister company Simpson and Brown Architects. We are particularly well known for our specialist experience in standing building recording and interpretation, but our experienced team undertakes all forms of archaeological work from small scale watching briefs to large scale excavations and desk based assessments to cultural heritage chapters for environmental impact assessments.



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Gow, A (2010) 'Newcastle Area Command Headquarters, Forth Banks, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. AA 1847
Cameron, R Richards, C (2010) 'Old College Quad - Archaeological Evaluation: April 2010'. AA 1495
Gow, A Macfadyen, K (2010) 'Blyth Battery, Blyth Links, Blyth, Northumberland - building recording'.
Shaw, R Shaw, R (2010) 'Newcastle Area Cmmand Headquarters - Archaeological Monitoring Work'. AA1847
Gow, A Romankiewicz, T (2010) 'Millour Hill Windfarm - Archaeological Assessment and Mitigation Strategy'. AA 1870
Addyman, T Gow, A (2010) 'Newcastle Area Command Headquarters, Forth Banks, Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. AA 1847
Morrison, J (2011) 'Birgham Haugh Steading - Historic Building Survey'. AA 1660
Addyman, T (2011) 'Crommey Castle - Standing Building Recording and Analytical Assessment'. AA 1931
Cameron, R Addyman, T (2011) 'Old College Quadrangle, University of Edinburgh: Archaeological Excavations: June - October 2010'. AA 1495
Cameron, R (2011) 'Dowally Burn, Pitlochry: Archaeological Watching Brief: April-May 2011'. AA 1909
Cameron, R Gow, A Romankiewicz, T (2011) 'Millour Hill Windfarm, Dalry - Archaeological Watching Brief'. AA 1870
Cameron, R (2011) 'The Steeple Church: Dundee, Archaeological Evaluation'. AA 0465
Cameron, R (2011) 'Douglas Coalyard, Douglas, South Lanarkshire: Archaeological Evaluation - July 2011'. AA 1943
Addyman, T Cameron, R Richards, C Romankiewicz, T (2011) 'Old College Quadrangle, University of Edinburgh: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'. AA1495
Cameron, R (2011) 'The House of Bruar, Blair Atholl, Perthshire: Archaeological Evaluation'. AA 1921
Blakeman, BP H (2011) 'Dowally Burn - Archaeological Evaluation'. AA 1909
Macfadyen, K Addyman, T (2012) 'Sandhaven West, Culross, Fife, Historic Building Record CUR/12/3'.
Cameron, R (2012) 'Barrhead Road, Paisley, Renfrewshire - Archaeological Evaluation'. AA 1972
Cameron, R (2012) 'Davie Cooper Centre, Great Western Road - Archaeological Evaluation'. AA 1981
Cameron, R (2012) 'Blackadder West - Archaeological Watching Brief'. AA 2001
Cameron, R (2012) 'Calder Water Community Windfarm: Archaeological Watching Brief on Engineering Trial Pits'. AA 1778.01
Addyman, T Macfadyen, K Uglow, N (2012) 'Dalkeith Tolbooth, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Historic Building Record and Analytical Assessment'.
Cameron, R Macfadyen, K (2012) '10-15 Princes Street, Archaeological Watching brief'. AA 1944
Cameron, R (2012) 'Shildon Little Engine House, Shildon by Blanchland, Northumebrland - Community Excavation'. AA 1804.SH
Cameron, R Henderson, D (2012) 'The Steeple Church: Dundee, Rescue Excavation'. AA 0465
Addyman, T Cameron, R Macfadyen, K (2012) 'Ninebanks Tower, Ninebanks, Northumberland: Historic Building Survey'. AA 1804.NB

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