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At Aeon Archaeology we pride ourselves in offering affordable archaeological contractual and consultancy services for your company, project, or private development. Based in Chester and covering northern England, north and mid-Wales, we specialise in all forms of archaeological assessment, mitigation and recording, as well as providing consultancy services. Our aim is to provide professional solutions for projects of any size, from private domestic developments, to infrastructure and energy-sector schemes.



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Cooke, R (2012) 'A0007 Wrenbury Marina Cheshire East'. Report 0002
Cooke, R (2013) 'Bank House, 142 Barnston Road, Barnston, Heswall, Wirral. Archaeological Watching Brief'. Project number A0012.2 Report number 0024
Cooke, R (2013) 'Land Adj to Rosedale, Chapel Lane, Trefonen, Shropshire. June 2013. Archaeological assessment.'. Site Code A0013.1 report number 0014
Cooke, R (2013) 'Upton by Chester High School, Chester, Cheshire'. Site code A0021.1, report no. 0020
Cooke, R (2013) 'Liverpool Road Housing Development, Moston, Chester. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment.'. Site code A0020.1 report no. 0017
Cooke, R (2013) 'Shurlach Lane Crematorium, Davenham, Cheshire'. Project number A0022 report number 0018
Cooke, R Dodd, L (2013) 'A0016.1 St. Mary's Church, Astbury, Cheshire. December 2013. Report no. 0026'. Site Code: A0016.1 report no. 0026
Cooke, R (2013) 'Bank House, 142 Barnston Road, Barnston, Heswall, Wirral. Archaeological Watching Brief.'. Project A0012.2 report 0024 v1.0
Cooke, R (2013) 'A0023.1 Coly Anchor Housing Development, Kinnerley, Shropshire. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. Report no. 0019'. Site code A0023.1 report no. 0019
Cooke, R (2014) 'Shelley Signs, Mill Lane, Eaton Upon Tern, Shropshire'. A0040.1 report no. 0041
Cooke, R (2014) 'Park View, Broseley, Shropshire - archaeological evaluation'. A0043.1 report 0044
Cooke, R (2014) 'Residential Development, Great Ness, Shropshire - archaeological watching brief'. A0047.1 report no. 0049
Cooke, R (2014) 'No 2, Jordangate, Macclesfield, Cheshire - Archaeological Evaluation'. A0046.1 report 0046
Cooke, R (2014) 'A0044.1 Queen's School Evaluation and WB report 1.0'. Report number 0045
Cooke, R (2014) 'The Oak Room, Tattenhall, Cheshire'. A0010.1 report no. 0042
Cooke, R (2015) 'Land at Vanguard Way, Shrewsbury'. A0052.1 report 0065
Cooke, R (2015) 'Land Adjacent to Bollandsfield, Tarporley Road, Whitchurch'. A0068.1 report 0068
Cooke, R (2015) 'Land at Church Street, Warrington'. A0060.1 report 0070
Cooke, R (2016) 'St Alban's Church, Tattenhall'. A0053.1 report 0076
Cooke, R (2016) 'Land to the rear and side of 71 High Street, Madeley, Telford: Archaeological Evaluation'. A0083.1 report 0084
Dean, JA K Cooke, R (2016) 'Meadowvale, Monkhopton, Bridgnorth: Archaeological Watching Brief'. A0069.1 report 0086
Dean, JA K (2016) 'Land north of Brand Lane, Ludlow, Shropshire: Archaeological Evaluation'. A0091.1 report 0108
Dean, JA K (2016) 'Land east of Tarporley Road, Whitchurch: Archaeological Excavation'. A0068.2 report 0102
Dean, JA K (2016) 'Land to the Rear of 113 Church Road, Formby, Merseyside: Archaeological Watching Brief'. A0093.1 report 0106
Dean, JA K (2017) 'Land north of 32 Snailbeach, Shropshire: Archaeological Watching Brief'. A0104.1 report 0117
Dean, JA K (2017) '19 St Mary's Street, Bridgnorth, Shropshire'. A0135.1 report 0147

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