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Allen Archaeology is a commercial archaeological contractor and consultant that provides a thoroughly professional, efficient and cost-effective service to the private and public sectors throughout the UK. All heritage-based work is undertaken in-house with pragmatic project-specific solutions to ensure a risk-managed outcome to the scheme without compromising on safety and quality. Allen Archaeology is a Registered Organisation with the Institute for Archaeologists.



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Anon, (2005) 'Four Wynds, The Green, Minting, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Anon, (2005) 'Land at South Kyme, South Kyme, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (2006) 'Former Slipper Baths site, Waterside North, Lincoln, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Allen, MM (2006) 'Archaeological Assessment Report. Rectory Farm, West Deeping, Lincolnshire. Watching Brief on Phase 1A Works'.
Clay, C (2006) 'Archaeological evaluation report. Trial trenching on land at Graiselound, Haxey, North Lincolnshire.'.
Allen, MJ (2006) 'Archaeological watching brief report during construction of three new dwellings at Ranter's Row, Alford, Lincolnshire.'.
Clay, C Caly, C (2006) 'Archaeological Evaluation Report: Trial Trenching on Land off Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological evaluation report. Trial trenching at Homelands, High Road, Guyhirn, Cambridgeshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological Watching Brief, Bert's Way, Allington, Lincolnshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological watching brief. Land off Moor Road, North Owersby, Lincolnshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological evaluation by trial trenching. The Beckett School, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire'.
Allen, M (2007) 'Archaeological Evaluation Report: Trial Trenching on land to the North-West of 60 Reach Road, Burwell, Cambridgeshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Building survey of barns at The Grange, Yarburgh Road, Alvingham, Lincolnshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Photographic survey and watching breif report: Homefield Farm, Ashby cum Fenby, North-east Lincolnshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological watching brief. Poppy House Willoughton, Lincolnshire'.
Chavasse, P Clay, C (2007) 'Building Survey of barns at Crossholme Farm, Well Street, Bishop Norton, Lincolnshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological Watching Brief Carre's Grammar School Sleaford'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological evaluation report. Trial trenching at land off Wisbech Road, Littleport, Cambridgeshire'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological Watching Brief. Land off Moor Road, North Owersby'.
Allen, M (2007) 'Archaeological evaluation report. Trial trenching at Plot A, Church Lane, North Carlton'.
Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological watching brief. The Tamarind Restaurant, 47 Market Street, Cleethorpes, North-East Lincolnshire'.
Anon, (2007) 'Barns at Crossholme Farm, Well Street with a separate addendum'.
Allen, M Clay, C (2007) 'Archaeological Strip, Map and Record: Exploratory Wellsite at Willows A, Reighton, North Yorkshire'.
Anon, (2007) 'Barns at the Grange, Yarborough Road'.
Anon, (2007) 'The Old Cornmill, South Street'.
Anon, (2007) 'Hall Farm, Main Street'.

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