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Results for Archaeological Research and Consultancy at the University of Sheffield (ARCUS)

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ARCUS is a university-based archaeological practice. We were founded in 1992, and operate as part of Sheffield University's Department of Archaeology. We offer a full range of commercial archaeological and heritage research services to public and private sector clients and operate throughout the UK, and beyond.As part of a world-class research and teaching institution we have access to an exceptional range of specialist knowledge, equipment, and resources. Our staff has expertise in a wide range of periods and sites types, and routinely undertake commercially-funded fieldwork in a diverse range of settings, from Palaeolithic cave sites to 20th century industrial buildings. Our staff contribute to teaching and research in the Department of Archaeology, and have helped to formulate period-based research agendas and professional standards in the UK. We are especially proud of our growing portfolio of work on the archaeology of brownfield re-development sites, which has helped to shape national frameworks for industrial archaeology, and has gained us international recognition for excellence in academic and commercially-funded research. We actively promote and support community involvement with archaeology, and are committed to disseminating the results of archaeological research to both public and academic audiences.



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Symons, J (1993) 'An Archaeological Desk-top Study of Proposed Deviations to the Harrogate Raw Water Main, North Yorkshire'. ARCUS 145
Brayshay, B (1994) 'Palynological Assessment of sediment sample SLS/02/0011 from Shardlow, Derbyshire'. ARCUS No. 175
Cox, C (1994) 'A52 Radcliffe on Trent Bypass. Aerial Photographic Assessement '.
Anon, (1994) 'Project Design for Archaeological Recording Work. Harrogate Raw Water Main Imrpovements, North Yorkshire.'.
Anon, (1995) 'A52 Radcliffe on Trent to A1 Grantham Improvement. Environmental Assessment Stage 2 Archaeology Report.'.
Anon, (1995) 'A52 Radcliffe on Trent Bypass. Environmental Assessement Stage 2, Report on Archaeology and Built Heritage Volume 1'.
Belford, P (1996) 'Archaeological Evaluation by Trial Trenching at Breck, Derbyshire. Interim Report-Phase I'. Report No. 237
Davies, GJ (1997) 'Evaluation by Trial Trenching of Scrooby Top Quarry Extension, Scrooby Top, Nottinghamshire'. ARCUS 247b
Belford, P (1997) 'Geophysical Survey of Land at Loversall: Proposed Motorway Service Area, Junction 3, M18, South Yorkshire'.
Boswijk, G (1997) 'Tree Ring analysis of timbers from 6-12 Northbrook Street (Camp Hobson Carpark) Newbury'.
A, (1997) 'Archaeological Watching Brief on Averham Relief Road, Nottinghamshire'. ARCUS 236g
Davies, GJ (2000) 'Archaeological Evaluation by Trial Trenching of Bolsover Assembly Rooms, Hill Top, Bolsover, Derbyshire'. Report No. 583.1
Alexander, D (2000) 'Archaeological mitigation of land adjoining the Stephenson Blake Foundry, Upper Allen Street, Sheffield'. 842f.1
Anon, (2001) 'Timber Survey, Pescod Hall'.
May, R (2003) 'Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment of Land at Byram Park, Brotherton, N Yorks'. ARCUS 752.1
Anon, (2004) 'Ancaster Quarry, Ancaster, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
O'Neill, R (2004) 'Archaeological Investigations at Wellgate (Areas A, B and C), Conisbrough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire'.
Jessop, O (2004) 'Archaeological Buildings Appraisal of the Stephenson Blake Type Foundry, Sheffield, South Yorkshire'. Report 842.1
Baker, S (2005) 'Archaeological evaluation and mitigation on land adjoining the Stephenson Blake Type Foundry, Upper Allen Street, Sheffield'. Assessment Report 842c.1
Stenton, M (2005) 'An Archaeological Watching Brief at Silverdale School, Sheffield'.
Davies, GJ (2005) 'Archaeological Field Evaluation of land at Sharp Lane. Middleton, Leeds'. Project Report 840.2
Stenton, M (2005) 'Archaeological desk-based assessment of land at Main Street, Ulleskelf, N Yorks'. ARCUS 942.1
Duckworth, S (2006) 'Archaeological Assessment of Historic Fixtures and Fittings, Stephenson Blake Type Foundry, Upper Allen Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire'. Project Report 842d.1
Bell, S (2006) 'An Archaeological Watching Brief at The Active Centre, Stansfield Road, Castleford'. Project Report 829.2
Stenton, M (2006) 'Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment of Land at Main Street, Ullskelf, N Yorkshire'. Report 1004.1
Davies, GJ (2006) 'Archaeological Excavation of land at Sharp Lane, Middleton, Leeds'. Project Report 840b.2

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