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Results for Archaeology Wales

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Smith, CE (2009) 'Middlewick Wind Farm'. Report number 584
Pannett, A (2010) 'Aldershawe Hall, Lichfield'. Report 656
Pannett, A (2010) 'Coppice Farm, Cruckton, Shropshire'. Report number 644
Smith, CE (2011) 'Highfields Farm, '. Report number 1017
Smith, CE (2011) 'Lazy Acre, Treflach Shropshire: Archaeological Evaluation'. Report No. 1040
Smith, CE (2012) 'Sutton Grange, Oteley Road, Shrewsbury'. Report number 1091
Smith, CE (2012) 'Talbot Square, Blackpool'. 1072
Smith, CE (2012) 'Brompton View, Church Stoke, Shropshire'. Report number 1081
Smith, CE (2013) 'Newlyn, Castle Street, Whittington, Shropshire'. Report number 1155
Davies, IE (2013) '3 Church Street, Ellesmere, Shropshire'. Report number 1123
Hadley, A (2013) 'Lower Ponthendre, Longtown, Herefordshire'. Report number 1156
Smith, CE (2013) 'Upper Holton Airfield, Suffolk'.
Smith, CE (2013) 'Land between Waterloo Street and The Ringway, Kidderminster, Worcestershire'. Report number 1173
Smith, CE (2013) 'Rexon Cross Farm, Broadwoodwidger, Devon'. Report number 1166 and 1166a
Smith, CE (2014) 'Puriton Landfill Solar Farm; Geophysical Survey'. Report number 1241
Smith, CE (2014) 'Old School House, Edgton, Shropshire'. Report number 1292
Smith, CE (2014) 'Billingsley Park Farm, Billingsley, Shropshire'. Report number 1188
Smith, CE (2014) 'Woodhill Road, Highley, Shropshire'. Report number 1282
Smith, CE (2014) 'Green Farm, Condover, Shropshire'. Report number 1285
Smith, CE (2014) 'Land at Lydbury North, Shropshire'. Report number 1260
Smith, CE (2014) 'Puriton Landfill Solar Farm; Desk-based Assessment and Site Visit'. Report 1220
Holderness, H (2014) 'Foxholme Farm, Crewe, Cheshire'. Report number 1255
Holderness, H (2014) 'Moss Farm, Crewe, Cheshire'. Report number 1254
Hadley, A (2014) 'Prescott Equestrian Centre, Prescott, Baschurch, Shropshire'. Report number 1253
Hadley, A (2014) 'Burton Wold Wind Farm, Kettering, Northamptonshire'. Report number 1251
Smith, CE (2014) 'Bishop Wordsworth Grammar School, Salisbury, Wiltshire'. Report 1263

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