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Avon Archaeology Ltd is a commercial archaeological consulting and contracting unit based in Bristol, providing a wide range of archaeological services to the construction and development industries. We were formed from Avon Archaeological Unit Ltd, which was founded in 1992, making us one of the longest continually active archaeological units in the region.

Our team are all highly qualified and experienced archaeologists, each with a wealth of expertise in field archaeology, and also their own particular fields of special knowledge, including: historic landscape analysis, historic building surveying, site surveying, small finds assessment and analysis, GIS, CAD and illustration. We also have an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which our fully Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) licensed pilot can use commercially for aerial photography and survey.

Since 2013 we have continued to build on an enviable reputation for quality work, inherited from Avon Archaeological Unit Limited. We have undertaken projects across the south-west region and beyond. Our projects have ranged from nationally important excavations on prehistoric sites, such as a 2014 excavation at Cherhill in Wiltshire, close to the Avebury World Heritage Site, to small scale watching briefs on domestic developments. Whatever the project, we aim to provide cost effective solutions to the archaeological requirements of our clients, whilst maintaining a commitment to high academic and professional standards.



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Potter, K Dias, S (2013) 'Land at Burwalls House, Burwalls House, Abbot's Leigh, North Somerset'.
Corcos, N (2013) 'Land at Bleadon Level, Bleadon, North Somerset - Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment '.
Newns, S (2013) 'Land at Chudleigh, Teignmouth, Devon - Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'.
Corcos, NJ (2013) 'Land at Bellevue Terrace, Totterdown, Bristol - Report on Archaeological Watching Brief '.
Corcos, N (2013) 'Land at Burwalls House, Burwalls House, Abbot's Leigh, North Somerset'.
Potter, K (2014) 'Land at 123a Main Road, Kempsey, Worcs - Report on Archaeological Evaluation '.
Dias, S (2014) '6-10 Stillhouse Lane, Bedminster, Bristol: Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Potter, K (2014) 'Land to the Rear of 47-95 Kings Weston Avenue, Lawrence Weston, Bristol'.
Corcos, N (2014) '13-15 West Street, Old Market, Bristol: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'.
Dias, S (2014) 'Site at the Corner of Midland Road and Horton Street, St. Philips, Bristol: Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Newns, S (2014) 'Land at Hulks farm,. Lydney, GLos, dba'.
Heaton, R (2014) 'Land at nos. 47-49 Barton Road, St Philips, Bristol - Report on archaeological Watching Brief '.
Corcos, N (2014) 'Land near Honey Hall, carditch Drove, Congresbury, desk-based assessment'.
Newns, S Corcos, N (2015) 'Land at Lower Knowle Farm, Berrow Walk, Bristol: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'.
Newns, S (2015) 'Land at No. 1, Clouds Hill Road, St George's, Bristol'.
Davis, J Dickinson, GC (2015) 'The Central Courtyard Bridewell Island, Bristol: Report on Archaeological Evaluation'.
Heaton, R (2015) 'Land off Marksbury Road, Knowle, Bristol: Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Heaton, R (2015) 'The Full Moon Public House, Stoke's Croft, Bristol - Report on Archaeological Watching Brief '.
Corcos, N (2015) '171-178 Coronation Road, Bedminster, Bristol: archaeological watching brief'.
Potter, K Dias, S (2015) 'Bristol Ambulance Station, Marybush Lane, Bristol: Standing Building Recording'.
Corcos, N (2016) 'Land at 48-52 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Bristol: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'.
Corcos, N (2016) 'Land at 29 Seymour Road, Bishopston, Bristol: Report on Archaeological Watching Brief '.
Heaton, R (2016) 'Land to the Rear of 102 Kingsholm Road, Gloucester: Archaeological Evaluation '.
Corcos, N (2016) 'Land at the Former Lawrence Weston College, Stile Acres, Lawrence Weston, Bristol: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment '.
Corcos, N (2016) 'South Bristol Link Road Project: City of Bristol and North Somerset: Report on Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Newns, S (2016) 'Land at 69 High St, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol: Report on Archaeological Watching Brief'.

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