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Results for Barbican Research Associates

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Barbican Research Associates click for homepage

Barbican Research Associates is the UK’s leading independent consultancy specialising in the analysis of archaeological finds and post-excavation management. Our business is based on a tradition of quality, reliability and innovation.

The company was established in 2000 when five like-minded archaeologists met in a café outside the Museum of London to talk about the future of finds research in British archaeology - a few cappuccinos later and Barbican Research Associates was a reality.

At Barbican we aim to publish truly integrated research for the archaeological community and to promote the study of the past to as wide an audience as possible. This website contains details of the services we offer and summaries of some of the large projects Barbican has been involved in since 2000. Use the projects menu above or click on some of the links on the right to explore them. The resources tab has a variety of useful things such as details of finds groups, archaeological societies, and bibliographies for finds specialists.



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Records 1 - 13 of 13

Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle - the reduced archive, 3.0 Post-war Excavations 3.2 The Moat'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle - an appraisal of the surviving Archaeological Archive'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle - the reduced archive, 2.0 Pre-war Excavations'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle - the reduced archive, 3.0 Post-war Excavations 3.1 The Trenches'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle - the reduced archive, 3.0 Post-war Excavations 3.3 The Western Interior'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle - the reduced archive, 3.0 Post-war Excavations 3.4 Periods I-III'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle: The Medieval Floor Tiles'.
Ratkai, S (2011) 'Weoley Castle: A Reappraisal of and Report on the Pottery'.
Mould, Q (2011) 'An appraisal of the portable finds from Weoley Castle, Birmingham'.
Ratkai, S (2011) 'Weoley Castle: The Ceramic Building Material'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle: The decorated window glass'.
Morris, RK (2011) 'Weoley Castle: The loose architectural stones'.
Lennane, SJ (2011) 'Weoley Castle - the reduced archive, 3.0 Post-war Excavations 3.4.7 The Wooden Kitchen'.

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