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Results for Cambridgeshire County Council Archaeological Field Unit

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Cambridgeshire County Council Archaeological Field Unit click for homepage

CAM ARC left Cambridgeshire County Council on 1st July 2008, when we merged with Oxford Archaeology to become Oxford Archaeology East. Our professional team works to the highest national standards and provides archaeological services throughout the East Midlands and Anglian region. We also carry out work further afield, in particular where it relates to our specialist expertise in the management and presentation of archaeological monuments and landscapes. We are registered with the Institute of Field Archaeologists as an accredited archaeological organisation. OA East offers a wide range of archaeological services to commercial organisations, local societies, schools, professional archaeologists and individuals. We conduct a variety of archaeological work, from evaluations and survey to full scale excavations, illustration, display and academic publication. Our post-excavation team provides skilled illustration and design, as well as analysis of site data, finds (in particular post-Roman pottery) and environmental remains. We also work with schools and other bodies to promote interest in local heritage through public events.



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Evans, G Shotliff, D (1990) 'A1 Widening Scheme. Alconbury - Fletton Parkway. An Archaeological Assessment'.
Robinson, B (1992) 'An Archaeological Investigation of Dullington to Swaffhams Pipeline'. Report No. 65
Guttmann, E Robinson, B (1993) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of the Proposed Site of the Cambridge Rowing Trust Rowing Lake at Milton and Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire'.
Etté, J Hinds, S (1993) 'Excavations at Linton Roman Villa'. Report No. 88
Bray, S (1993) 'A Summary of Archaeological Work at Gallow's Hill, Swaffham Prior'.
Reynolds, T (1994) 'Iron Age/Romano-British Settlement at Milton: An Archaeological rescue project'. Report No. 0104
Welsh, K (1994) 'Iron Age and Roman Settlement Remains near Tort Hill, Sawtry'. Report No. 0103
Schlee, DE (1995) 'Excavation of a Romano-British Settlement on the Needingworth Bypass'. Report No. 99
Roberts, J (1995) 'Further Excavations at the Roman Settlement Site East of Tort Hill, Sawtry'. Report No. A60
Roberts, J (1997) 'Roman Occupation on the Fen Edge at Camel Road, Littleport'. Report No. A114
Kemp, SN (1997) 'Prehistoric Landscapes at Stowe farm Phase 2b, Barholm and Stowe, Lincolnshire: An Archaeological Excavation'.
Roberts, J (1997) 'Roman Occupation at Lydon Farm, High Street, Maxey'. Report No. A116
Ette, J Hinds, S (1998) 'Great Wilbraham Roman Villa and Fleam Dyke. Dungate Pipeline Scheme'. Report No. 87
Higbee, L (1998) 'An Archaeological Watching Brief at A.R.C. Baston No. 2 Quarry'.
Bray, S Malim, T (1998) 'A Romano-British Temple and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Gallows Hill, Swaffham Prior'. Report No. 0100
Kemp, SN (1999) 'Prehistoric Landscapes at Stowe Farm Phase 3a, Barholm and Stowe, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Excavation'.
Anon, (1999) 'A Romano-British Farmstead at the site of a Motorway Service Area A1-A605 Junction, Haddon'.
Kemp, SN (2000) 'Prehistoric landscape at Stowe Farm Phase 3b, Barholm and Stowe, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Excavation'.
Roberts, J (2000) 'Roman Occupation at Lydon Farm, High Street, Maxey'. Report No. 181
Connor, A (2001) 'Prehistoric and Romano-British Settlement and Field Systems: An Archaeological Evaluation at Fordham Road Allotments, Soham'. Report No. A188
Kenney, S (2002) 'Romano-British Settlement Evidence at 31 Tunbridge Lane, Bottisham: An Archaeological Evaluation'. Report No. A201
Anon, (2003) 'The Stukeleys, Hinchingbrooke, Bob's Wood. Excavation.'.
Hinman, M (2003) 'Bob's Wood, the Story So Far. An introduction to the Hinchingbrooke Excavations'.
Hatton, A (2003) 'Prehistoric and Roman Settlemment Remains at Mayor's Walk, Peterborough'. Report No. 0216
Atkins, R (2003) 'An Early Salt Making Site and Settlement at Longhill Road, March, Cambridgeshire'. Report No. A226
Kemp, S (2003) 'Roman-British Enclosures and Crop Processing: A15 Werrington to Glinton Bypass. Archaeological Excavations 1996.'. Report No. 128

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