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Canterbury Archaeological Trust was formed in 1976. It is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. The principal object of its constitution is: 'To promote the advancement of public education in the subject of archaeology'. Although archaeological excavation might be perceived as the Trust's primary concern their activities go beyond buried archaeology. The Trust has an active building recording department. Desk-top assessments and studies of particular landscapes are also carried out. The Trust works closely with the planning departments of Canterbury City Council and Kent County Council. In pursuit of our principal constitutional object, namely 'to promote the advancement of public education in the field of archaeology', the Trust has, since 1990, employed an Education Officer whose role is to work closely with schools and centres of higher learning in the development of education initiatives related to archaeology. Alongside the Education Service several members of staff regularly lecture to local clubs and societies. Some staff also provide papers for day schools and conferences. Subjects covered range from current excavations to areas of special expertise, such as the study of human bones or special finds. The Trust's base of operations is at 92A Broad Street, Canterbury. This is where their administrative offices are located and the finds department and post-excavation offices. The library, which includes the collection of the Canterbury Archaeological Society, is open by appointment to students and members of the public.



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Anon, (1991) 'Evaluation of Roman remains located on the route of a new sewer at Teston, near Maidstone, Kent in November 1991'. C.A. T. Reference No. 279
Anon, (1992) 'A228 Leybourne and West Malling Bypass. Initial Archaeological Survey.'.
Cross, RP Hicks, B (1992) 'A21 Lamberhurst to Kippings Cross Improvements. Initial Archaeological Survey.'.
Cross, RP Hicks, B (1992) 'A21 Lamberhurst to Kippings Cross Improvements. Initial Archaeological and Historic Landscape Study'.
Cross, RP (1993) 'A21 Lamberhurst to Kippings Cross Improvements. Archaeological Impact and Mitigation Report.'.
Barham, AJ Bates, MR (1993) 'Dover A20 road and sewer scheme environmnetla archaeologicaland palaeoenvironmental field and laboratory assessment report'.
Allen, T (1994) 'Excavations on the eastern approach of the Medway tunnel: an assessment'.
Cross, RP (1994) 'Dover A20/Sewers Project Assessment Report.'.
Cross, RP (1994) 'A21 Lamberhurst to Flimwell Improvement. Historic Environment Assessment.'.
Cross, RP (1995) 'A2/A282 Dartford Improvements. Environmental Statement Volume 2. Historic Environment Assessment'.
Cross, RP (1995) 'A2/A282 Dartford Improvements. Preliminary Archaeological Desk Study'.
Pratt, S (1995) 'A249 Kingsferry Bridge to Queenborough Roundabout Improvement scheme'.
Anon, (1995) 'Archaeological works on the Thanet Way, sections 2-4, 1995: Assessment'.
Hicks, A (1995) 'Excavations at Spital Street, Dartford, 1991'.
Allen, T MacNab, J Macpherson-Grant, N Savage, A Wilson, T (1995) 'Archaeological Works on the Eastern Approach of the Medway Tunnel: A Re-assessrrent'.
Anon, (1996) 'ARC THB 95 Archaeological Evaluation Report. Pepper Hill'.
Harrison, L Riddler, IDavid Savage, A Ward, A (1996) 'An archaeological evaluation at Bradbourne Fields, East Malling'.
Pratt, S (1996) 'A249 Iwade to Queenborough Realignment Scheme, Kent: Archaeological Survey. Stage 3: Detailed Evaluation'.
Pratt, S (1997) 'Swanscombe Thameside Community School: archaeological evaluation. Unpublished report'.
Pratt, S (1998) 'Honeywood Road, Whitfield (Kent): archaeological evaluation'.
Anon, (1998) 'Archaeological evaluation at Marley Road, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kent'.
Cross, R (1998) 'Archaeological evaluation: land south of Island Road, Westbere'.
Anon, (1999) 'ARC EMM 98 Archaeological Evaluation Report. East Of Mersham'.
Anon, (1999) 'ARC ESD 98 Archaeological Evaluation Report. East Stour Diversion, Barrowhill, Sellindge'.
Sparey-Green, C (1999) 'Archaeological evaluation at Plot L2, Eurolink Phase 3, Castle Road, Sittingbourne, Kent'.
Anon, (1999) 'An Archaeological Interpretative Survey of: Old and Water Street Cottages, Lenham, Kent'.

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