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Results for Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust

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The Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT) was one of the four archaeological trusts established in Wales in the mid-1970s. It is both a registered charity and a limited company, as well as an CIfA Registered Organisation (RAO 6).



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Records 1 - 25 of 31

Jones, NW (1991) 'Ty-brith, Caersws, Powys. Evaluation Report'.
Jones, NW Parry, R Silvester, RJ (1991) '261 Chester Road, Flint, Clwyd. Evaluation report'.
Jones, NW (1993) 'Greenlands, Caersws, Powys. Interim reports on excavations in the vicus 1989-93'. Report 75
Jones, NW (1997) 'Plas Coch, Wrexham. Excavations 1994-5'. Report 214
Jones, NW Owen, WJ (2000) 'Roman Civil Settlements in Southern Powys. Archaeological Assessment'. Report 265
Grant, I Jones, NW (2003) 'Naylors Field, Arddleen, Powys, Archaeological Excavation. Interim Report'. Report 580
Hankinson, R Jones, N (2003) 'BT Exchange, Manthrig Lane, Caersws, Powys. Archaeological Excavation. Final Report'. Report 481.1
Grant, I (2005) 'Land off Record Street, Ruthin, Denbighshire. Archaeological Evaluation'. Report 798
Grant, I (2007) 'Four Crosses STW, Growth. Archaeological Evaluation'. Report 874
Hankinson, R Jones, NW Silvester, RJ (2008) 'Roman Settlements. The Scheduling Enhancement Programme'. Report 963
Grant, I (2009) 'Eagles Glen, Four Crosses, Powys. Archaeological Evaluation'. Report 990
Hankinson, R (2011) 'Hindwell Roman fort, Walton, Powys. Archaeological Investigations 2010-11'. Report 1092
Jones, NW (2011) 'Tesco Supermarket Development, Welshpool Smithfield, Powys, Archaeological Excavation. Interim Report'. Report 1066
Hankinson, R (2011) 'Brecon Gaer, Aberyscir, Powys. Archaeological Investigations, Interim Report'. Report 1052
Grant, I Hankinson, R Jones, NW (2012) 'The Jamesford Coin Hoard, Montgomery. Geophysical Survey and Excavation'. Report 1121
Hankinson, R (2012) 'Castell Collen Roman Vicus, Llandrindod Wells, Powys. Archaeological Investigations 2011'. Report 1137
Jones, NW (2012) 'Weston Lane/Maesbury Road, Oswestry: Archaeological Evaluation '. CPAT Report 1158
Grant, I (2012) 'Morton Ley Farm, Llynclys, Shropshire: Archaeological Watching Brief '. CPAT Report 1154
Jones, N (2012) 'Whittington Road Substation, Oswestry: Cultural Heritage Assessment'. 1157
Grant, I (2012) 'St. Michael's Church, West Felton, Shropshire: Archaeological Watching Brief'. 1173
Hankinson, R Jones, NW (2012) 'Pen-y-gaer Roman Vicus, Cwmdu, Powys: Excavation and survey 2005-2012'. Report 1163
Jones, NW (2012) 'Hindwell Double-palisaded Enclosure and Roman Vicus, Powys: Archaeological Investigations 2012'. Report 1138
Hankinson, R (2012) 'Caerau Roman Vicus, Beulah, Powys: Archaeological Investigations 2012'. Report 1179
Grant, I (2013) 'Oswestry School Sports Pitch: Archaeological Watching Brief'. 1208
Hankinson, R (2013) 'Oswestry Substation: Archaeological Watching Brief'. 1205
Hankinson, R (2014) 'Proposed Development on Chester Street, Shrewsbury: Cultural Heritage Desk based Assessment.'. 1272

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