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Results for Colchester Archaeological Trust

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Over thirty years of major excavations and research in Colchester: Britain's first Roman town, founded by the emperor Claudius in the fortress of the great British king Cunobelin



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Records 1 - 25 of 282

Anon, (1993) 'Colchester Archaeological Trust. Stage Two: archaeological Evaluation. Part two: Magdalen Street'. 9/93A
A, (1993) 'Colchester Eastern Approaches Road. Stage Two: Archaeological Evaluation. Part One: Brook Street'. 4/93A
A, (1993) 'Archaeological evaluation of the Route of the Eastern Approaches Road, Phase 1'. 3/93B
Brooks, H Crossan, C (1994) 'Colchester Archaeological Trust Field Projects. Watching Brief: Colchester Eastern Approaches Road: Stage 1'. 12/94A
Benfield, S (1997) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of the Line of the Colchester Northern Approach Road. Stage 1: Turner Road to Boxter Road'. 1997/6
Austin, C (1999) 'Excavation at Gosbecks Archaeological Park: July-August 1999'. CAT Report 45
Pooley, L (2001) 'A fieldwalking and trial trenching evaluation at Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough, Essex October 2001'. CAT Report 161
Orr, K Benfield, SF (2001) 'Report on an Archaeological Evaluation at Topfield Rawstorn Road, Colchester'. CAT Report 134
Orr, K (2005) 'An archaeological evaluation at Colchester High School, 17 Wellesley Road, Colchester, Essex'. report no 352
Orr, K (2005) 'An archaeological evaluation of St Helena School Drama Block, Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex'. report no 351
Orr, K (2005) 'Report on a watching brief: St Helena School, Sheepen Road, Colchester'. report no 349
Holloway, B (2005) 'An archaeological evaluation and subsequent watching brief at the Chelmsford park and ride site, A414 Maldon Road, Sandon, Essex'. report no 343
Benfield, S (2005) 'An archaeological evaluation on Kell Field, Petches Yew Farm, Finchingfield, Essex June-July 2005'. Report 329
Benfield, S Pooley, L (2005) 'Excavations at Abbotstone Field, Bell House Pit, Tarmac Colchester Quarry, Warren Lane, Stanway, Colchester, Essex 1999-2001'. CAT Report 312
Orr, K (2005) 'An archaeological watching brief and evaluation at Great Notley Business Park, Near Braintree, Essex'. report no 337
Crossan, C (2005) 'A watching brief at St Nicholas' Church, Little Wigborough, Essex February 2005'. report no 308
Holloway, B (2005) 'Report on a negative watching brief at Tollesbury Wick Marshes, Tollesbury, Essex'. Report no 333
Holloway, B (2005) 'An archaeological watching brief at 20 Yorick Road, West Mersea, Essex, July 2005'. CAT Report 330
Benfield, S (2005) 'An archaeological watching at 10/10a East Street, Coggeshall, Essex April 2005'. Report no 321
Orr, K (2006) 'An archaeological watching brief at 57 Church Street, Harwich, Essex August 2006'. Report no 389
Lister, C (2006) 'An archaeological evaluation by metal-detecting on Kell Field, Petches Yew Farm, Finchingfield, Essex, September 2006'. Report no 392
Holloway, B (2006) 'An archaeological excavation at the 'Skyline 120' business park, Breat Notley, near Braintree, Essex'. report no 367
Orr, K (2006) 'An archaeological evaluation, watching brief and limited excavation at 15 West Lodge Road, Colchester, Essex'. CAT Report 318
Holloway, B (2006) 'Crouch Valley Fish Farm, McCalmont Drive, Raleigh, Essex; Report on a Negative evaluation'. Colchester Archaeological Report no 365
Brooks, H (2006) 'A Roman temple-tomb at Colchester Royal Grammar School, 6 Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex. August-September 2005'. CAT Report 345
Crossan, C (2006) 'An archaeological excavation and watching brief at Birch Airfield Compost Site, Colchester'. Colchester Archaeological Trust Report 326

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