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Hall, DW (2009) 'An archaeological evaluation of Plots 3 and 4 Hatchbank Road, Kinross'.
Hall, DW (2009) 'Rapid Walk Over Survey Ben Halton / Dun Dubh, Aberuchill Estate'.
Hall, DW (2009) 'Standing Building Survey Craighead Farm by Stanley'.
Hall, D (2010) 'Archaeological evaluation proposed new house plot adjacent to Marketknowe, Huntly Wood, Longforgan'.
Hall, DW (2010) 'Rapid photographic survey of Old Church Cottage, Lawers'.
Hall, DW (2010) 'Standing Building Survey West Ardler Farmhouse, Ardler, Perth and Kinross'.
Hall, DW (2010) 'An archaeological evaluation in the Curling Pond Field, Falkland, Fife'.
Hall, DW (2010) 'Standing Building Survey former mill building, Middle Cardney, Butterstone'.
Hall, DW (2010) 'Standing Building Survey Ochilmore Farm and Cottage, Killiecrankie'.
Hall, DW (2010) 'Standing Building Survey Tullymoran, Harrietfield'.
Hall, D (2010) 'Archaeological Evaluation The Smithy, Cargill'.
Hall, DW (2010) 'Watching Brief Victoria House, 84 West North Street, Aberdeen'.
Hall, D (2010) 'Archaeological Watching Brief Skinners Burn, Brechin'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'A survey of the mill cottage and mill system at Ayton Farm, Aberargie, Perth and Kinross'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Watching brief on new water pipe trench, The Pineapple, Dunmore'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Further recording at 45-49 High Street, Brechin'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Watching brief on new house West of Hillview, Campmuir'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Standing Building Survey 45, 47 and 49G High Street, Brechin'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Further archaeological evaluation adjacent to Romanknowe, Longforgan, Perth and Kinross'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Standing Building survey Balgownie Mill, Eassie, Angus'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Archaeological evaluation at Ballochruin Farm, Killearn'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Archaeological evaluation at North Balloch, Alyth'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Photographic recording of Hawes Pier in advance of construction of new lifeboat station and watching brief on groundworks for new station'.
Hall, DW (2011) 'Watching brief on two new wind turbines, Muirake Farm, Cornhill, Aberdeenshire'.
Hall, DW (2012) 'Standing Building Survey Station Cottages, Killin'.
Hall, DW (2012) 'Archaeological evaluation Lindores, Muthill, Perth and Kinross'.

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