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Burn, A (2011) 'Peterborough Car Parks, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'. 3114
Burn, A (2011) 'Newbury Road, Brotton, North Yorkshire Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. 3422
Burn, A (2011) 'High Grange Farm, Normanby, Building recording and Heritage report'. 2982
Burn, A (2011) 'Orton Brimbles, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire'. 3099
Burn, A (2011) 'Former Neal's Scrap yard, gilesgate, Durham. Archaeological Desk Based Assesment'. ECUS report number 3171
Burn, A (2011) 'Glossop road, Gamelsey'. 3225
Burn, A (2011) 'Stainsby Wetlands, Stainsby, Derbyshire - Archaeological Desk Based Assesment'. 3240
Burn, A (2012) 'Roseland Community Wind Scheme, Shirebrook, Derbyshire - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. 2528
Burn, A (2012) 'Castleward, Derby, Derbyshire - Archaeological Desk Based Assessment'. 3429
Thomson, J (2013) 'Bridge Street, Chiswick - Desk-Based Assessment '. 4755
Thomas, J (2013) 'Pulborough Brooks: Desk-Based Assessment'. 4575
White, P (2013) 'London Road, Brentford - Archaeological Watching Brief on Geo-technical Test Pits'. 4670
Thomson, J (2013) '29 London Road, Brentford, Hounslow: Desk-Based Assessment'. 4612
Thomas, J (2013) 'Graffham Common: Desk-Based Assessment'. 4575
Thomas, J (2013) 'Upper Arun: Desk-Based Assessment'. 4575
Thomas, J (2013) 'Waltham Brooks: Desk-Based Assessment'. 4575
Thomas, J (2013) 'Coombeshead Solar Farm, Diptford, Devon: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'. 4723.01
Thomas, J (2013) 'Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Mill Pond - Desf-based Assessment'. 4763
Gilmore, R (2014) 'Hackney Ambulance Station: Historic Building Recording'. 4931
Gilmore, R (2014) 'Report prepared by:'.
Barnes, J (2014) 'Dresden Primary School - Historic Building Recording'. 5164
Thomas, J (2014) 'Gunby Hall Icehouse Pond. Gunby, Spilsby, Lincolnshire: Archaeological Watching Brief'. 4582
Thomas, J (2014) 'Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet Mill Pond - Archaeological Watching Brief'. 4763
Oliver, J (2015) 'Great Glen, Leicestershire - Heritage Assessment'. 6717
White, P (2015) 'London Road, Brentford, Hounslow - '. 6949
Thomson, J (2015) 'Doncaster Road, Oldcotes, Nottinghamshire - Archaeological Watching Brief'. 6385

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