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Results for Exeter Museums Archaeological Field Unit

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Exeter Archaeology was founded in 1971, primarily to undertake excavations within the city. Although still part of the city council, Exeter Archaeology is now the oldest and one the larger archaeological consultants and contractors in the region, working throughout the Southwest and beyond. In excess of three hundred archaeological projects are undertaken each year from the tip of Cornwall to Hampshire and Berkshire.Exeter Archaeology has a professional core staff of thirty, with an additional flexible field team of between ten and thirty qualified archaeologists. The organisation has widespread experience of working within the developer-funded framework, its core work including desk-based assessment, field survey, evaluative and full-scale excavation and building survey. Archaeological services are provided to all areas of development, including the quarrying industry, road schemes, major housing projects and utility service provision. Exeter Archaeology also undertakes a range of work for public bodies such as national park authorities, The National Trust and English Heritage.In addition to the many archaeological projects deriving from current planning legislation, landscape and building surveys are regularly undertaken to inform heritage management issues. Specialist advice is available on a range of subjects, including building interpretation and conservation, with in-house analysis available on a range of artefacts and environmental material.



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Holbrook, N Weddell, PJ (1987) 'A35 Axminster Bypass. Report on trial archaeological excavations and documentary research'. Report 87.06
Blaylock, SR (1988) 'Exeter City Defences Excavation And Survey On The City Walls From The North Gate To The Castle, 1978-88. Part 1: Roman'. Report no. 88.13
Weddell, PJ (1989) 'A Preliminary Archaeological Assessment of the Preferred Route of the A30 Trunk Road Honiton-Exeter Improvement.'.
Weddell, PJ (1989) 'A35 Axminster Bypass Proposals for archaeological recording'.
Simpson, SJ Turton, SD Weddell, PJ (1989) 'A preliminary archaeological assessment of the preferred route of the A30/A303 (Honiton-Marsh) and A35 Honiton Eastern Bypass'.
Anon, (1989) 'A30 Okehampton Bypass to Launceston Bypass Environmental Statement'.
Weddel, PJ (1990) 'Axminster Bypass 1990: Trial Excavations, King's Farm Tipping Site, Woodbury Lane'. Report No. 90.23
Pye, AR Weddell, PJ (1990) 'A30 Okehampton Bypass to Launceston Bypass Archaeological Assessment'.
Johnson, P Thompson, L Holbrook, N (1990) 'Roman Mosaics from Catherine Street, Exeter'.
Reed, S (1990) 'Axminster Bypass 1990: Trial Excavations on the Yarty Floodplain'. Report No. 93.12
Weddell, PJ (1991) 'Archaeological Assessment of the Published Route (Preliminary) of the A30 Honiton-Exeter Improvement'.
Hall, M Stead, P (1991) 'Lower Coombe Street, Exeter Report of Excavations, 1989-90'.
Anon, (1991) 'A30 Woodleigh Junction. Environmental Statement'.
Anon, (1991) 'A39 Trunk Road Improvement at Minzies Downs. Environmental Statement.'.
Simpson, SJ (1991) 'Axminster Woodbury Great Close Excavations 1990: Summary Report'. Report No. 91.19
Holbrook, N (1991) 'Axminster Woodbury Great Close Excavations 1990: The Roman Pottery'. Report No. 91.17
Salvatore, JP Simpson, SJ (1992) 'Excavations at Bartholomew Street East, Exeter, 1980-81 Part 1: Roman Military'.
Bedford, JB Salvatore, JP (1992) 'Excavations at Mermaid Yard, Exeter, 1977-78 Part 1: Roman Military'.
Bedford, JB Salvatore, JP (1992) 'Excavations at Frienhay Street, Exeter, 1981 with appendix Snape Towere observations 1980 Part 1: Roman Military'.
Bedford, JB Salvatore, JP (1992) 'Excavations at Preston Street, Exeter, 1976-77 Part 1: Roman Military'.
Bedford, JB Salvatore, JP (1992) 'Excavations at St. Nicholas Priory, Exeter, 1983-74 Part 1: Roman Military'.
Bedford, JB Salvatore, JP (1992) 'Excavations at Mary Arches Street, Exeter, 1975 Part 1: Roman Military'.
Bedford, JB Salvatore, JP (1992) 'Excavations at Rack Street, Exeter, 1974-75 Part 1: Roman Military (with appendix 1: metallurgical report)'.
Salvatore, JP (1993) 'Observations and excavations at North Gate, Exeter, 1978 Part 1: Roman Military'.
Simpson, SJ (1993) 'Axminster Bypass 1990: Trial Excavations at Cooks Lane to Burrowshot Cross'. Report No. 93.13
Blaylock, SR (1993) 'Exeter City Defences A Fabric Survey Of The City Wall Part I The Exterior'. Report no. 93.66

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