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Results for Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust

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Anon, (1992) 'Second Severn Crossing: English Approaches, Archaeological Assessment Stage 2, Revised Draft Report (Illustrations)'.
Maynard, D (1993) 'Archaeological Field Evaluation, Great Bulmore Farm, Great Bulmore, Gwent'. GGAT Report 93/040
Evans, EM Locock, M (1994) 'RAF Caerwent Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment'. Report 94/031
Main, A (1995) 'Usk Prison Secruity Fence, Archaeological Watching Brief'. GGAT Report 95/047
Williams, D (1996) 'Archaeological Field Evaluation, Housing Allocation H2R01, Rogiet, Gwent'. GGAT Report 96/060
Marvell, A (1996) 'Oak Crest, Undy, Archaeological Excavation'. GGAT Report 96/073
Yates, AM (1998) 'Excavations at Great Pencarn Farm, Newport, Monmouthshire'. GGAT Report 98/003
Lawler, M (2000) 'Lower Knole Farm, Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire: Archaeological Field evaluation'. GGAT report no. 2000/074
Evans, E (2001) 'Romano-British South East Wales Settlement Survey: Final report'. GGAT Report 2001/023
Yates, A (2001) 'The New Championship Course, Celtic Manor, Newport: supplement to the Environmental Statement archaeological field evaluation final report'. GGAT Report 2001/040
Sell, SH (2002) 'Neath College gas pressure induction station: archaeological watching brief'. GGAT Report 2002/057
Sell, SH (2005) '60, High Street, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan archaeological watching brief'. GGAT Report 2005/072
Gerrard, C Lewis, R (2007) 'Project Oyster, Gwent Europark, Newport: Archaeological Field Evaluation, Stage 2B'. GGAT Report 2007/042
Tuck, M (2009) 'Celtic Manor Coach Park, Bulmore, Newport'. GGAT Report 2009/059
Tuck, M (2010) 'Dwr-y-Felin School, Neath'. GGAT Report 2009/084
Crawford, J (2010) 'King Henry VIII School, Abergavenny: Archaeological desk-based assessment'. Report 2010/049

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