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Results for Highland Archaeology Services

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Highland Archaeology Services click for homepage

Founded 2004 by John Wood (previously Regional Archaeologist for the Highland Council) we specialise in the archaeology of northern Scotland and are familiar with local planning and other requirements. In 2017 a team of old and new employees took up management of HAS and continue to develop the company for the future.

Services include all types of cultural heritage consultancy, survey, environmental assessment, excavation, building recording, training and community projects. Over the last decade we have enjoyed providing an increasing number of surveys and assessments for the renewable energy sector.

Quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are assured - we are a CIfA Registered Organisation and independently accredited for quality, environmental and health and safety matters by Achilles UVDB Verify. We also carry comprehensive public and employers liability and professional indemnity insurances.



This information is provided by contractor. Although care has been taken in preparing the information supplied, the ADS does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of it. The ADS cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. Opinions expressed within these pages are those of the information suppliers, and do not necessarily represent the views of the ADS.

Records 1 - 25 of 70

John, W (2004) 'Archaeological Monitoring at Dallas, by Forres, Morayshire'. HAS0492
John, W (2005) 'Archaeological Watching Brief - Gordonstoun School, Moray'. HAS 050101
Peteranna, M (2007) 'Fionnphort, Mull Watching Brief Report'. HAS070201
Wood, J (2007) 'Mosstowie Watching Brief Report'. HAS070610
Wood, J (2007) 'Lairg Muir Croft Report'. HAS070701
John, W (2007) 'Skinnet Melness Water Main Renewal DBA'. HAS070607
Humphreys, P John, W (2007) 'Forss Windfarm Cabling'. HAS070405
Wombell, J John, W (2007) 'Littleferry Pilot's House'. HAS070301
Dagg, C (2007) 'Savalmore Plot 1 Report'. HAS070706
Peteranna, M Wombell, J (2007) 'Dornoch Cabling WB Report'. HAS070803
Malone, E (2007) 'Easter Glackton Farm Report'. HAS070904
Shannahan, G Wood, J (2007) 'Cromarty East Church, Ross and Cromarty: Evaluation'. HAS070611
Humphreys, P (2007) 'Watching Brief: Mybster, Caithness'. HAS070903
Wood, J (2007) 'Kyle Field Monitoring Report'. HAS070711
Humphreys, P (2007) 'Watching Brief: New House: Nipster, Caithness'. HAS070202
Peteranna, M (2007) 'Watching Brief: Littleferry House, Sutherland'. HAS070608
Dagg, C (2007) 'Archaeological Evaluation: 25 Lairg Muir, Sutherland'. HAS070705
Malone, E McCullagh, C Peteranna, M Shannahan, G Wood, J (2008) 'Applecross Broch: Community Archaeology Project - Excavation and Site Presentation'. HAS080305
Malone, A Wood, J (2009) 'Archaeological Excavation: Castle Stuart Golf Course Inverness'. HAS071002
Humphreys, P Wood, J (2010) 'Furrows End Watten, Caithness: Watching Brief'. HAS101107
Fraser, L (2010) 'Wester Moy Watching Brief'. Report No. HAS100603
Wood, J (2010) '26-32 Harbour Street and 2-12 James Street, Peterhead: Photographic Survey'. HAS100607
Wood, J (2010) 'Osedale Water Main Isle of Skye: Desk-based Assessment and Walk-over survey'. HAS100904
Humphreys, P (2010) 'Quintfall Lyth, Caithness: Watching Brief Report'. HAS100908
Peteranna, M Wood, J (2010) 'Muie Grazings: Archaeological Survey'. HAS101006
Humphreys, P (2010) 'Bardnatua Croft, Latheron, Caithness: Watching Brief Report'. HAS101105

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