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Kruse, F (2006) 'Banktop/Braeside - An Archaeological Watching Brief'. 3840
Kruse, F Stewart, IJ (2006) 'All Saints Parish Church - Archaeological Watching Brief and Excavation'.
Kruse, F (2006) 'Fowberry Pumping Station to Turveylaw, Wooler. An archaeological watching brief'. 3846
Kruse, F (2007) 'Former Barwicks site, Alpha Mount, Gilsland. Watching brief'. 11030
Kruse, F (2007) 'Report on Reconnaissance Visit into the Burial Vaults'. 11014
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'East Farm, Barlow - a building survey'. 11020
Kruse, F (2007) 'Mortimer School - a desk-based assesment'. 11028
Kruse, F (2007) 'Cleadon Park - a desk-based assessment'. 11029
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'Clockmill Road, Dunstan - archaeological evaluation'. 11026
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'Clockmill Road, Dunstand - desk-based assessment'. 11018
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'Lake Road, Houghton - desk-based assessment'. 11006
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'Land off Old Hexham Road - desk-based assessment'. 11019
Stewart, IJ (2007) '52 Denhill Park, Benwell - report on archaeological watching brief'. 11023
Kruse, F (2007) 'Former Bethel Chapel, Sunday School and Vaults'. 11005
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'Sunniside Farm , Cleadon - building recording and photographic survey'. 11026
Kruse, F (2007) 'Former Sunday school - report on building recording and photographic survey'. 11008
Kruse, F (2007) 'Report on Ground-Penetrating Radar Survey at Villiers Street, Sunderland'. 11010
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'An evaluation at Carliol Sq, Newcastle upon Tyne'. 11004
Stewart, IJ (2007) 'Derecroft, Low Woodside Farm, Lanchester - an archaeological evaluation'. 11015
Kruse, F (2007) 'Cultural Heritage'. 11022
Ian, J Stewart, IJ (2007) 'A watching brief at St Cuthberts Primary School, Chester-le-Street DH3 3PH'. 11016
Stewart, IJ (2007) '1 and 2 Dukes Cottages, St Helens Road, Corbridge - report for an archaeological watching brief'. 11013
Stewart, I (2010) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Spital House, Thirsk Road, Romanby, Northallerton, N Yorks'.

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